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Payday 3 Update Fixes Longstanding Matchmaking Woes with Quickplay

Payday 3 finally receives a major update

Finally, seven months after its launch, Payday 3 is receiving the most important update to address one of their greatest challenges: lack of correct matchmaking.

Payday 3 Update Fixes

The developer, Starbreeze Entertainment, has announced the addition of Quickplay, a feature that allows players to jump right into a multiplayer raid with ease.

This update is intended to significantly improve the online experience of Payday 3 players, in conjunction with Player Merging.

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Although Quickplay’s original version is limited to the selection of difficulty, it represents an important step forward in terms of game play. Starbreeze is aware of the need for a more robust system and continues to seek feedback from its players.

A Long Road to Recovery

In September 2023, the launch of Payday 3 was disrupted by an unsatisfactory online experience. Many players were frustrated by the bugs, the disconnects, and the lack of essential matchmaking features. A perceived lack of communication from Starbreeze also contributed to the situation.

image 5 120 Payday 3 Update Fixes Longstanding Matchmaking Woes with Quickplay

Signs of Improvement

Starbreeze created a team to deal with the problems of Payday 3 in January 2024. The release of Quickplay demonstrates the developer’s continued commitment to revive the game, even though sales and engagement remain unsatisfactory in March.

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What Quickplay Offers

The initial iteration of Quickplay focuses on simplicity. You can choose the difficulty you want to play, and you’ll automatically be placed in the appropriate heist. This will make the search for games easier and quicker, eliminating the need to manually scan a lobby.

The Future of Quickplay

A more complete version of Quickplay v2 is currently being worked on by Starbreeze. Advanced filter options that allow players to select their search according to specific preferences, such as robbery type or player level, will probably be included in this version.

image 2 26 Payday 3 Update Fixes Longstanding Matchmaking Woes with Quickplay

The studio is also considering two potential implementation methods for Quickplay v2:

Standalone System:

A dedicated Quickplay menu with detailed filters, providing a familiar experience for players who are accustomed to similar features in other games.

Crime.Net Integration: 

Integrating Quickplay directly into the Crime.Net server browser, potentially creating a more cohesive online experience within the established Payday universe.

Player Merging: Staying Together

There is also the Player Merging feature to be welcomed in this update. This feature allows players to remain partied up after completing a heist, seamlessly transitioning into the next job without needing to reform their group.

image 3 32 Payday 3 Update Fixes Longstanding Matchmaking Woes with Quickplay

The flow of play sessions on the Internet is substantially improved by this seemingly minor modification.

Seeking Player Feedback

With regard to Quickplay and the overall direction of Payday 3, Starbreeze actively seeks feedback from the community. The studio hopes to restore the trust of the fan base and revive the game by involving players in the development process.

A Mountain to Climb, But a Step in the Right Direction

The introduction of Quickplay and Player Merging shows Starbreeze’s dedication to improvements, although Payday 3 is still facing challenges.

image4 Payday 3 Update Fixes Longstanding Matchmaking Woes with Quickplay

A glimmer of hope for the future of the game can be found in the studio’s willingness to listen to player feedback. Further evidence of ongoing content creation efforts is the upcoming Chapter 1: Syntax Error DLC.

It’s just a matter of time before we find out if these changes are enough to reverse Payday 3’s fortunes. However, this update represents a much needed correction of the course, and Payday 3 may yet fulfil its potential as a worthy successor to its critically acclaimed predecessors, with continued development and community engagement.

What is Quickplay in Payday 3?

Quickplay is a new feature in Payday 3 that makes it easy for players to participate in multiplayer raids, and without having to search the lobby on their own. By allowing players to select their desired difficulty level, it facilitates the process and brings them into a proper heist.

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