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Overwatch 2 Showcases New Hero’s Detailed Gameplay

As per the sources, it states that in anticipation of the arrival of a new hero in Overwatch 2 next month, Blizzard has unveiled a brand-new trailer previewing the character. The game’s first “tempo tank” is the newest hero, Ramattra, according to the developer. Ramattra will, in an intriguing turn of events, have both an Omnic form and a Nemesis form, each of which will have special skills.

Overwatch 2: Gameplay for the New Hero

Qiu Fang, the main concept artist for Overwatch 2, explains in the video how these two forms are different from one another in terms of both design and gameplay. Although Ramattra won’t be released until December 6th, this should give fans a preview of what to anticipate in the interim.

Overwatch 2 Showcases New Hero's Detailed Gameplay
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The Tweet attached below contains the footage of the gameplay:

Ramattra’s Skills and Abilities


Ramattra utilizes a Void Accelerator staff while in Omnic form, as we can see in the video. Void Barrier is a supplementary ability of his. His barrier is fairly strong, but as a compromise, it only lasts a short while.

Ramattra’s Nemesis form, however, is better suited to close-quarters conflict because of its added armor. His major ability in this form is Pummel, which allows him to smash his foes with enormous fists.

Overwatch 2 Showcases New Hero's Detailed Gameplay
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Energy waves that are sent out by the swings can strike numerous opponents of Overwatch 2 at once and can penetrate shields. In this form, Ramattra has the secondary ability Block, which lessens damage from the front but makes him slower and leaves his back open to other attackers.

While many fans appear eager to see Ramattra, others are worried that he might end up being outmatched in Overwatch 2; responses to the Tweet above are full of fans who are unsure of how they should feel. In particular, Pummel’s capacity to penetrate shields appears to be cause for concern. Fans will just have to wait and see how things turn out; of course, Blizzard will make changes if Ramattra proves to be too powerful.

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