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“Our Flag Means Death”: Taika Waititi’s Comedy Series Introduces a Noble-Man turn into Pirate

HBO Max, at last, unveiled the full-length trailer of the comedy series, ‘Our Flag Means Death’. It seems that we don’t need to hunt such a comedy series. This series will follow the bizarre that is larger than the true-life story of hoity-toity nobleman Stede Bonnet who was left the upper class with the eighteenth-century life that is behind while taking the decision to chase his lifelong dream to become a pirate while telling” follow your dreams”.

 It seems that the aristocratic decision of man that was added the one. He also was traded the wife and also about the family with the group of dirty and ill-equipped team members with them set out with the adventure of the lifetime.

Our Flag Means Death”: Taika Waititi reveals the first trailer and images  of the film - TechnoSports

Our Flag Means Death: Plot

The story will take us to the comedic take on the life of the marauder with the character of Darby, Bonnet also providing the rousing the speeches with the hope for inspiring the team of misfits for looking intimidating as enemy ships approach. He has also such intentions of ushering with the new kind of pirate and that will be very gentle and still looting and also destroying such rival buccaneers along the way. There are the opposites attract and Bonnet will eventually pair up with the world’s popular swashbuckler, Blackbeard for taking the seas together.

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Our Flag Means Death' Trailer, Premiere Date — HBO Max Pirate Comedy |  TVLine

On the topics, the showrunner David Jenkins says that the viewers also expect the series for having the feeling of a “workplace show in a strange environment” over that of such fixed action-adventure, a pirate show. It is featuring the role, Waititi is directing the premiere episode serving as the executive producer.

Our Flag Means Death: HBO Max Drops First Trailer for Taika Waititi's  Pirate Comedy

It seems that images released with the teaser also provide a look at the pirates in the series. We have seen a fancily dressed Darby in the role as Bonnet looking with nervous with a knife for shoving the face and also again with the helm of the ship and also it is holding onto the potted plant and also standing next to the character of Foad and also uses a quill for making a note in the giant book. The new image features  Jones with an eye-popping red suit with Armisen on her side. At last, we got a profile shot of Waititi’s Blackbeard into the distance.

OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH's New Trailer Makes Piracy Very Silly

Our Flag Means Death: Trailer Details

The latest trailer reveals  Stede  Bonnet is a wealthy man who has been dreamt about setting sail into yet dangerous waters of piracy. It also will leave his comfortable life behind the thrills into the ocean. Now Stede just wants to make a reputation for himself as one of the most prominent pirates by crossing the Seven Seas. It contains such a minor flaw in Stede’s plan as he hates violence and also desires to be remembered as the gentle and kind p[irate.

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After meeting with the legendary Blackbeard. In contrary to Stede, Blackbeard. In contrary to Stede , Blackbeard is definitely a  brutal leader as geared up the fear in the hearts of the enemies and friends like to be terrorizing the seas. After Stede got such golden opportunity of learning to be a  pirate from the core. It seems that the presence of Stede might soften Blackbeard’s heart.

Comedy TV Series “Our Flag Means Death” Releases Official Trailer | FMV6

Our Flag Means Death: Cast

This series contains ten episodes and comes from the creator  David Jenkins. It seems that the series is executive produced by Waititi,  who is also seen as the pilot, along with showrunner Jenkins, producer Garrett Basch, and  Dan Halstad. This series features Nathan Foad, Samson Kayo,  Vico Ortiz,  Ewan Bremner, Joel Fry, Matt Mahar, Kristian Nairn, Con O’Neill,  Guz Khan, David Fane, Rory Kinnear, Samba Schutte, Nat Faxon, Fred Armisen, and  Leslie  Jones.

comedy-tv-series-our-flag-means-death-releases-official-trailer-3 | FMV6

Our Flag Means Death: Release Date

This series will debut with three episodes on HBO Max on 3rd March. The season will continue with more than three episodes on 10th March, and the two episodes on 17th March and contains the two episodes on 24th March.

Here is the trailer:

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