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OnePlus working on a new Mechanical Keyboard set to enter the market next year

On Monday, OnePlus product manager Percy T revealed in a forum post that the company is working on a new mechanical keyboard. The device is intended to “offer something fresh” and assist users in becoming “more productive (or better gamers).”

Given OnePlus’ target demographic, which primarily comprises of mobile users and gamers, a mechanical keyboard appears overkill. The business intends to incorporate a variety of customization options, including custom switches. As a result, this impending product is a hot story to monitor during the holiday season.

There isn’t much clear information about the new keyboard right now. On November 17, 2022, the corporation held a “super-secret” Open Ears Forum (OEF) with 10 Core users. According to Percy, it was from there that the concept for a mechanical keyboard arose.


Based on user experience and product insight for office environments, the smartphone designer asked customers which product category they would like the company to expand into. The mechanical keyboard was the clear winner.

OnePlus used a sample bundle including a Switch Sampler Kit and four different material keycaps in the OEF. According to Percy, the company’s early assumptions “remarkably” matched the open-talk outcome.

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According to the forum post, the new mechanical keyboard will prioritise work-from-home productivity and lengthy usage hours. The company employed tools to “optimise” the device’s work and gaming experiences.

The OnePlus keyboard seeks to alleviate wrist strain after long hours of use by removing “mess” from users’ desktops. Because it is adjustable, users will be able to select their preferred switches.

The smartphone company also stated that most keyboards are prohibitively pricey, particularly for mechanical keyboard novices. As a result, it wants to introduce the product at a discounted price that might serve as an entry-level choice for both gaming and work.

For its forthcoming device, the smartphone designer is collaborating closely with Keychron, a major keyboard maker. They are working together to create a product that combines durability with “soft-to-the-touch” contact.

The keyboard should ideally be well-suited to all major working requirements. It remains to be seen how this transforms into a real-world product. Percy also stated that they hope to create a product that is “durable” even after extended use.

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