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OnePlus 12 Innovative Features Including NFC, Bluetooth 5.4, and More

In a recent announcement, OnePlus has unveiled a series of groundbreaking features set to elevate the daily convenience of users with the imminent release of its flagship, the OnePlus 12. Among the notable innovations is the introduction of the exclusive “full-area multi-function NFC,” a feature that empowers various parts of the phone to sense NFC, enabling users to effortlessly utilize functions like access control and bus card transactions on the front, back, and sides without the need for precise aiming.

OnePlus 12

All About the Upcoming OnePlus 12

Expanding its functionality, the OnePlus 12 introduces a versatile multi-functional infrared remote control. Users can capture details of electronic devices by simply photographing the corresponding physical object, streamlining the process of adding devices such as set-top boxes, TVs, smart boxes, and DVD players. The remote control app further enhances user experience with features like manual device type addition.

image 52 OnePlus 12 Innovative Features Including NFC, Bluetooth 5.4, and More

Highlighting the device’s robustness, OnePlus emphasizes its commitment to durability with IP65 dust and water resistance. With 6 levels of dust resistance and 5 levels of water resistance against jets, the OnePlus 12 ensures reliability in diverse environments. Additionally, OnePlus incorporates the latest low-power Bluetooth 5.4 and USB 3.2 Gen1 for enhanced connectivity.

Addressing a significant concern for smartphone users, OnePlus has hinted at an impressive battery life without revealing specific details, teasing a revelation scheduled for tomorrow. However, leaks suggest a substantial 5400mAh battery capacity for the OnePlus 12. The device’s charging capabilities are anticipated to be groundbreaking, supporting 100W wired charging and 50W wireless charging. Notably, the OnePlus 12 introduces UFCS fusion fast charging, hinting at potential breakthroughs in charging technology.

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image 53 OnePlus 12 Innovative Features Including NFC, Bluetooth 5.4, and More

As excitement builds, OnePlus enthusiasts eagerly await the official unveiling tomorrow, anticipating a firsthand look at the OnePlus 12’s technological advancements and its commitment to delivering a seamlessly integrated and efficient daily life experience.


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