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“Official Competition”: The exciting second trailer of Penelope Cruz and Antonio Bandres has been released

The second trailer of Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas starrer “Official Competition” has been released.  It seems that the Spanish Producer The Mediapro Studio and London based international sales agent Protagonist Pictures had also been released a 48-second tease trailer in the late July of last year just before the announcement selection and also before the official competition at the Venice Film Festival in  September and the world’s premiere in September.

Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas' 'Official Competition' Drops Teaser -  Variety

It seems that the last official trailer was a minute longer and also hit the film’s main points of the pot that starts with a billionaire businessman taking the decision to make a film that has left the mark on history. He also has been hired by Cannes Palme d’Or winning filmmaker Lola Cuevas that oeuvre contains  “The Inverted Rain”. It seems that The Hollywood Heartthrob Felix Rivero and the radical theater thespian Ivan Torres.

Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas' 'Official Competition' - Trailer - Variety

As they are the best in their class. It seems that trouble s their classes just a miles apart. Rivero and Torres are also enormously talented, moreover, they just have huge egos. For breaking the sense of some humility into them when the film is still in nine fay pre-prod, Lola has been contriving the series enhance with such imaginative challenges. The trailer captured a couple, Cuevas as a duo sitting under a huge bolder or many be binding the two to their seats and also has been made them just look on like she is dropping their several acting awards into such metal shredder.

Official Competition Teaser: Penélope Cruz & Antonio Banderas Star in  Spanish Comedy

The second trailer starts with a kissing scene of a couple in the supercar to finance the film.  It is the 2-minute nine-second-long trailer. Ivan Torres and Felix Rivero were chosen as the perfect actor according to them. Now the question of how they become the best on answers the woman say, “How do I tell you?”. Ivan is a master actor and Felix is a worldwide star. We see many funny scenes like the two actors is quarreling like a kid. The two of them start a competition of sledding.  After that when the omen she the clip of the actor she does not like it.

Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas in the Official Competition teaser  trailer

It also contains many kissing and seducing scenes of Penelope Cruz as a part of acting on which the director replies excellent my girl. The director himself says “ It’s not the first time that I’m working with an idiot”. The trailer ends by revealing all of the faces of the actors  and Penelope Cruz’s dialogue, “It does  not  end there. There ‘s still  the ending.”

This film basically has done such robust business with the protagonist revealing such slew of pre-sales in march with such major distributors like Italy’s Lucky  Red, Studiocanal for Germany, Madman for Australia, and Hakuhodo for Japan.

Official Competition Reviews - Metacritic

Official Competition: Cast

This film has been directed by  Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat and it is written by the directors and Andres Dupret. It is produced by Head Jaume Roures. The executive producers are  Laura Fernandez Espeso, Javier Mendez, Javier Pons, Cruz Martinez. This film is featuring Penelope Cruz, Antonio Bandres.

Official Competition, la recensione | Lega Nerd

Official Competition: Release Date

This film has set to release on 25th February 2022.

Here is the trailer

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