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Nvidia Blackwell and GeForce RTX 50-Series GPUs: Rumors, Specifications, Release Dates, Pricing

One or two months later, the cheese team will produce the upcoming Nvidia Blackwell GPU architecture and RTX 50-series GPUs, which are expected to hit the markets on time. While Nvidia has not officially released a timeline for the consumer parts, there has been plenty of speculative speculation. During the holiday season, at least the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 will be unveiled, probably in October or November, to become the top graphics card.

Nvidia Blackwell and GeForce RTX 50-Series GPUs: Rumors, Specifications, Release Dates, Pricing

More About Nvidia Blackwell and GeForce RTX 50-Series GPUs

Regarding the possible similarities between consumers and the data center GPUs, Nvidia has included the core details about the Blackwell B200 GPU for the data center. Still, those are just tiny hypotheses about the future RTX 50-series GPU, approximately all of which have significant holes, and most leaks are not reliable. However, a top-tier RTX 5070 and 5080 will be launched at the end of the year, and perhaps an RTX 5070 Ti as well, based on historical patterns. The 5070 and 5060 must come in 2025.

However, the most surprising thing is that Blackwell B200 utilizes TSMC’s 4NP node. In general, it should have a more advanced process node. However, this could significantly increase the cost, while the competitive advantage could be dramatically changed compared to AMD and Intel. As for memory, it is only logical to push for GDDR7, which would accelerate the bandwidth massively over GDDR6X and GDDR6. If the rated high-speed GDDR7 chips are achieved, it will provide a phenomenal speed-up. It is also fair to expect across-the-board improvements over the Ada Lovelace architecture.

But even more precisely, it might catch up with some other RT-centric modifications to ray tracing pricing. Furthermore, since the data center model’s re-engineered tensor cores would mean AI inference would move in trends as well, this means it will be present in consumer GPUs. One might also speculate on pricing. For instance, perhaps, given industry reports and incentives, the cost of RTX 50-series GPUs would not be lower than the current generation.

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image 16 35 jpg Nvidia Blackwell and GeForce RTX 50-Series GPUs: Rumors, Specifications, Release Dates, Pricing

Nvidia could surpass its price targets as long as it’s based only on market demand and increases in AI performance. Given the absence of official information on Blackwell, rumors and leaks are frequent in contrast to reliable sources. These rumors vary but seldom provide very precise details. Therefore, these should not be overestimated.



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