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Nothing Ear and Ear (a) Debut in India: Pricing, and Sale Details Revealed

The Indian market recently witnessed the launch of the signature transparent earbud ear, the Nothing Ear and Ear (a). While the Ear is similar in design to Nothing’s previous offering, the Ear is less expensive and features a fresh look, especially in the case of its striking yellow colorway. The addition of ChatGPT Voice AI integration to both of the Truth does add value to the table. These new wireless earphones offer an innovative listening experience to audiophiles. However, this assertion must be tested in future reviews. Here’s a look at the latest earbuds’ prices, sale offers, and specifications:

Nothing Ear

Pricing and Sale Offers

  • The Nothing Ear is priced at ₹11,999 and will be available for purchase in India starting April 29.
  • The Ear (a) comes at a more affordable price point of ₹7,999, with sales commencing on April 22.
  • Special launch prices of ₹10,999 and ₹5,999 are offered for the Ear and Ear (a), respectively, on Flipkart.

Nothing Ear and Ear (a): Specifications and Features

Identified as the more upscale model, the Nothing Ear is equipped with a custom 11mm dynamic driver and rejuvenated dual chamber with more outlets for airflow, ultimately resulting in superior tonal quality when compared to its predecessor, the Ear. The device supports the LHDC 5.0 and LDAC codec for high-resolution Bluetooth streaming, which ensures 1Mbps and 990kbps bitrates, respectively.

image 15 262 jpg Nothing Ear and Ear (a) Debut in India: Pricing, and Sale Details Revealed

The Nothing X app allows users to personalize their sound settings, including equalizer, ANC customization, and much more. Furthermore, the active noise cancellation is also available, while the Adaptive ANC automatically switches between three levels depending on background noise to minimize interference. While the Ear is equipped with 45dB of available ANC, according to the company, the Ear has almost twice as much.

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Nothing claims that the Ear for longer use can last up to 40.5 hours with the charging case or 8.5 hours of continuous playback; you can wirelessly charge the Ear at 2.5W. The formation of new Clear Voice Technology and enhanced mic construction to minimize obstruction in the call, and gain wind interference due to the new airway is reduced by 60%.

image 16 19 jpg Nothing Ear and Ear (a) Debut in India: Pricing, and Sale Details Revealed

The Ear (a) has the stated bubble design, and color, yellow as the design option, textured unchanged, it offers the standing 45db ANC, LDAC Bluetooth codec support, and an equivalent 11mm dynamic driver. It has a 500mAh battery in the case and 46mAh on each bud, and upon full charging up, the Ear (a) plays music for up to 42.5 hours and has supportive dual device connectivity.


  1. What sets the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) apart?

    The integration of ChatGPT Voice AI distinguishes these earbuds, along with their transparent design and premium audio quality focus.

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  2. How do the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) differ?

    While both feature ChatGPT Voice AI and transparent design, the Nothing Ear offers premium specs, including a custom 11mm dynamic driver, while the Ear (a) provides a budget-friendly option with a unique bubble design and yellow color variant.


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