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Nokia to Lead 6G Project Hexa-X Funded by European Union

While 5G technology has yet not been properly introduced throughout the world, Bloomberg has reported that Nokia is already leading a team of companies and universities in a project to create 6G mobile technology. A wireless project called Hexa-X is being introduced to help jump-start what is being called 6G technology, a new generation of mobile technology.

The group working on Hexa-X consists of wireless gear making-peer and leading communication equipment manufacturer Ericsson AB, mobile carriers Orange SA and Telefonica SA, and other tech companies such as Intel Corp. and Siemens AG. According to the membership list, these leading technology companies will be joined by the University of Oulu and the University of Pisa.

Currently, 5G network deployment is still in its infancy. There are roughly 100 wireless carriers worldwide that offer the service in limited areas with Singapore introducing a 5G network from January 2021.

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In addition to Finnish tech giant Nokia-led Hexa-X in Europe, there’s Next G Alliance and O-RAN Alliance in the U.S as well as reports of the Chinese government funding a 6G development group.

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According to Bloomberg’s report, 6G technology could open up the door to possibilities such as real-time holographic imaging by linking up the technology in the human body and brain by using super high-frequency terahertz airwaves, as early as 2030.

According to a report from CNN, 6G phones in the future could allow users to test the air around them for allergens, explosives, or toxic chemicals and even check if your food is safe to eat. It could also use night vision and allow people to see clearly in the dark. Projected to be around 95 gigabits per second, it will be significantly faster than 5G networks.

Nokia’s head of North American Standardization Devaki Chandramouli, one of the engineers leading the Hexa-X group, says she initially wants to establish three objectives.

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“The main goal will be to develop the vision, the road map, and the timeline,” she said according to Bloomberg. “Then put together a timeline for the technology direction. And the third point is to facilitate the interaction with U.S. government agencies to fund the research and also provide the input for technology development.”


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