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No Nothing Phone 2 Soon, Company Aims to Rival Apple in US

Carl Pei’s incipiency Nothing launched its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone( 1) in July this time. Smartphone brands are known for launching new models every six months in major requests. In a recent tweet, Pei revealed that the “ Nothing Phone( 2) is not launching anytime soon. ” He also participated some further information about the company’s plans in an interview with CNBC.

No Nothing Phone 2 Soon, Company Aims to Rival Apple in US

Nothing Plans to Take on Apple’s iPhone

It’s officially verified that the company isn’t going to launch the Nothinng Phone 2 anytime soon and the topmost superintendent of the company has revealed that the company is planning to expand its business in the US. Carl Pei has said that the company is in the early stage of conversations with American carriers about launching a new phone in the United States in the future.

It’s also said that Nothing has generated$ 20 million in profit in 2021 and this time the company is aiming to achieve a tenfold jump of$ 250 million. But it’s said that company is still not making profit but the thing is to make the company profit by 2024.

No Nothing Phone 2 Soon, Company Aims to Rival Apple in US

Nothing wants to compete Apple in the request of the United States but the company says that it isn’t an easy task considering that Apple has a veritably strong hold in the US request.

Carl Pei has also said that the company wants to concentrate more on the Nothing Phone 1 by putting out unborn updates. It’s worth mentioning that the company has released a unrestricted beta interpretation of Android 13 for the smartphone. It’s also revealed that the company has achieved,000 shipments of its first ever smartphone and the company has vended, observance( 1) and observance( stick) units worldwide.

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