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Get Ready For Next Generation Xbox: Two SKUs On Their Way

Yes, you read it right, with the beginning of the new year of 2024, you will witness the next generation Xbox. What can be more exciting then this, right, well indeed? To make this news even more interesting, there is one more thing.

There will be two Xbox SKUs, so, whatever your budget is, you can own a next generation Xbox SKU. Sounds pretty interesting, well, it is.

If you are curious to know more about next-generation Xbox devices, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the two SKUs that are going to launch and what they have to offer.

next generation Xbox Get Ready For Next Generation Xbox: Two SKUs On Their Way

Next Generation Xbox SKUs

As soon as the new year of 2024 began, Microsoft was here with its new projects. And this time, it is pretty interesting and amazing.

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What we should note here first is that, till now, there is no official announcement on the next generation of Xbox. Also, Microsoft or any other personnel hasn’t commented on anything.

The origin of all this is the XNC-Xbox News Cast Podcast, in which MiddleageGameGuy was featured. In the latest episode of the podcast, he commented on the next Microsoft console, which is our next-generation Xbox.

WhatsApp Image 2024 02 08 at 09.08.53 Get Ready For Next Generation Xbox: Two SKUs On Their Way

He said that the next generation Xbox or Microsoft console are still in their developmental phase. The release window can be sometime in the year 2026, and there will be two different SKUs.

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One SKU will be traditional and expensive, just like Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The second SKU will be pocket – friendly and will come in a dockable handheld console.

It will be similar to the Nintendo Switch and will feature built–in controls with a touch – screen. It is also said to have support for cloud gaming, meant for running Xbox games natively. We don’t know to what extent this is true, however, there seems to be some ground to it.

Over the years, Microsoft’s strategy regarding its gaming consoles has been changing drastically. And all these changes are made in an attempt to expand its user base. So, now it will not be completely surprising if Microsoft plans to step into the handheld market with the next generation Xbox.

But then again we can’t believe any rumours regarding the next generation consoles by Microsoft. There can be anything, for instance, it can continue its traditional strategy for gaming consoles. Or it can also change its policy to a completely new point. We can’t say anything for sure now.

However, what we can hope is that whatever next generation Xbox or console Microsoft is planning will be appealing. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming gaming consoles and gaming devices.


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