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Next-Gen Revealed: AMD’s Zen 5 Core Architecture & Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs Unveiled at Hot Chips 2024

Hot Chips 2024 will be the place where AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel will show off their next-generation products: Zen 5, Lunar Lake, and Blackwell, respectively. In addition, on August 25th, the advancements in current and upcoming chip technologies from different companies will be presented.


Next-Gen AMD Zen 5 core Revealed

Finally, the main conference will begin on August 26th, and presentations by Intel and NVIDIA will be made. AMD’s speech, on the other hand, is on both days, including a substantial one on August 27th. The presentations include:

  • Qualcomm: “Snapdragon X Elite Qualcomm Oryon CPU: Design & Architecture Overview” by Gerard Williams.
  • Intel: “Lunar Lake: 16th Gen Intel Core processor” by Arik Gihon.
  • IBM: “The next-generation ~5.5GHz IBM Z Processor and AI Inferencing Accelerator chipset” by Christian Jacobi.
  • NVIDIA: “NVIDIA Blackwell GPU: Advancing Generative AI and Accelerated Computing” by Ajay Tirumala and Raymond Wong.
  • AMD: “AMD Instinct MI300X Generative AI Accelerator and Platform Architecture” by Alan Smith and Vamsi Krishna Alla and “Next Generation AMD Versal Vision and Automotive” by Jeffrey Chu, Tomai Knopp, and Sagheer Ahmad, along with “AMD Next Generation ‘Zen 5’ Core” by Brad Cohen and Mike Clark”.
image 18 44 jpg Next-Gen Revealed: AMD's Zen 5 Core Architecture & Intel's Lunar Lake CPUs Unveiled at Hot Chips 2024

Intel discusses its 16th Gen Core processor, Lunar Lake, even as it moves away from the usual “Core” Gen. Intel will share the discussion on Granite Rapids D, scheduled to give an update on the Edge and Networking segment.

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Moreover, later on in the event, NVIDIA will swing their Blackwell GPU architecture into action in the session Advancing Generative AI and Accelerated Computing. The session will also expose entirely new Blackwell B100/B200 GPU dies and block diagrams as it has been released only at GTC 2024. New information will be revealed about AMD’s coverage of MI300X accelerators, next-gen 7nm Versal AI Edge series, and the Zen 5 CPU core likely to be the power source of many Ryzen and EPYC processors.

image 18 45 jpg Next-Gen Revealed: AMD's Zen 5 Core Architecture & Intel's Lunar Lake CPUs Unveiled at Hot Chips 2024

The session will provide more than just architecture reveals, as these were only disclosed at Computex 2024. Moreover, Snapdragon X Elite’s Oryon CPU architecture and next-gen 5.5 GHz Z CPU by IBM soon in the future will also be contained. AmpereOne will also be supported as it yields its 256-core chip. Therefore, Hot Chips 2024 will have several exciting sessions covering various industry developments.


  1. What’s New with AMD’s Zen 5 Core?

    At Hot Chips 2024, AMD will delve into the advancements of its Zen 5 Core Architecture, offering insights into performance boosts and architectural innovations expected to drive future Ryzen and EPYC processors.

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  2. Why Does Intel Still Use “16th Gen” for Lunar Lake CPUs?

    Although Intel has moved away from traditional naming conventions, they internally reference their processors, like Lunar Lake, as the 16th Gen Core. This legacy numbering system provides continuity and simplifies internal communication despite external branding changes.


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