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New Details Emerge About Apple’s Foldable Hybrid Devices

A recent report from reputable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed some of the details about Apple’s Foldable/Hybrid devices in the future. “Apple could launch two foldable devices in the first half of 2026,” said Kuo. This latest timeline lines up with rumors that point to a foldable, tablet-sized device at something of the earliest in late 2025 or early 2026.


More About the Apple Foldable Hybrid Devices

There are currently two form factors in development, a 20.25-inch model and an 18.8-inch model. While folded, the devices shrink to 14-15 inches and 13-14 inches, respectively. As a result, LG has partnered to manufacture the foldable panels exclusively so that it can provide crease-proof panels. This technology leads to inevitable increased cost, and we’re hearing early estimates peg the pricing range at $600-650 for the panel on its own. Additionally, the devices will feature high-cost hinges, estimated to cost between $200-250. Amphenol has been chosen as Apple’s hinge provider.

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Lastly, these foldables will be backed by the company’s very own M5 series chip, which will hopefully bring significant competition in the realm that was once dominated heavily. Kuo also gives a rough estimate of the total cost for these devices. If the early reports hold up, Apple’s first foldable device could cost as much as the current Vision Pro, if it is an initial version. Samsung and Huawei also debuted at very high prices. And yet, despite the high price tag, shipments are likely to be better than for the lower-priced Vision Pro with sources pegging them at 1 million units.

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All of this is a big backing of Apple’s stand-in foldable device market initiatives. Apple says it prioritizes advanced technology and high-quality components so that “we can deliver the best user experience possible.” The arrangement with LG, which will have the only crease-proof panels besides those built by Samsung itself, and its decision to rely on high-integrity Amphenol hinges indicate attention to long-term quality.

image 19 77 jpg New Details Emerge About Apple's Foldable Hybrid Devices

Therefore, the potential launch of two foldable devices by Apple in early 2026 with these advanced crease-free panels with high-cost hinges powered by an M5 series chip — paints a picture for a potentially big player in the foldable market segment. The expected high price point, similar to the Vision Pro’s, reflects the premium nature of these devices, with projected shipments thought to be relatively high at around 1 million units.


  1. What features will Apple’s foldable devices have?

    Apple’s foldable devices will have 20.25-inch and 18.8-inch models, folding to 14-15 inches and 13-14 inches. They will use crease-free panels from LG, hinges from Amphenol, and Apple’s M5 series chip, with an expected price of around $3,499.

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  2. When will Apple release its foldable devices, and how much will they cost?

    Apple is likely to release its foldable devices in early 2026, possibly late 2025, with a projected cost of $3,499 and expected shipments of around 1 million units.


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