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What will the new Delhi-Mumbai expressway bring to India? (June 14)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi originally inaugurated the first section of the eagerly anticipated Delhi-Mumbai expressway on February 12. The public will be able to travel on the 246-kilometre Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot portion, which will cut the trip from the capital to Jaipur by around three hours.

The recently inaugurated Delhi-Mumbai Expressway garnered immense attention on social media as pictures of its stunning infrastructure circulated widely. With a significant reduction in travel time from nearly 24 hours to just over 12 hours, this expressway is poised to revolutionize transportation between Delhi and Mumbai. Furthermore, spanning a distance of 1380 km and boasting eight lanes, this motorway is anticipated to benefit other cities along its route by decreasing the distances between them.

What does the Delhi-Mumbai expressway bring to India?

Nitin Gadkari, the minister of roads and highways, had previously stated that the expressway’s Sohna-Dausa section “would facilitate a hassle-free 2-hour trip between Delhi and Jaipur.” By the end of 2023, the project is expected to be finished after work began in 2018. The expressway’s construction has a ₹98,000 crores initial budget.

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Delhi1 770x433 1 jpg What will the new Delhi-Mumbai expressway bring to India? (June 14)

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways asserts that it will cut the distance between Delhi and Mumbai by 180 kilometres. Plans exist to eventually convert the motorway to a 12-lane highway, depending on how much traffic it receives.

According to the Ministry, the shorter travel distance and duration will save more than 320 million litres of fuel annually and cut CO2 emissions by 850 million kg. Additionally, it is planned to plant almost 2 million trees and bushes alongside the road.

For the project, the Ministry has purchased more than 15,000 acres of land in five different states: Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

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Delhi-Mumbai expressway bring to India?

It will take a huge effort to complete the construction. The highway is expected to require more than 12 lakh tonnes of steel, which equates to 50 Howrah bridges when built.

Additionally, according to the Ministry, the project will need 80 lakh tonnes of cement, which is equivalent to about 2% of India’s annual cement production capacity. Along with providing work for more than 50 lakh man-days, the project has employed thousands of trained civil engineers.


  1. What is the distance of Delhi-Mumbai expressway?

    The Delhi–Mumbai Expressway is a 1,350 km long, 8-lane wide under-construction access-controlled expressway connecting India’s national capital New Delhi to its financial capital Mumbai

  2. When is the new Delhi-Mumbai expressway expected to be completed and operational?

    The construction of the new expressway is underway, and different sections are being completed in phases. While specific timelines may vary, the project is expected to be completed in the coming years, with sections becoming operational as they are finished.

  3. Is the new expressway part of India’s broader infrastructure development plans?

    Yes, the new expressway is part of India’s broader infrastructure development plans aimed at enhancing connectivity, mobility, and economic growth across the country. It aligns with initiatives such as the Bharatmala Pariyojana and Sagarmala Program to modernize India’s transportation networks

  4. Is the new Delhi-Mumbai expressway environmentally sustainable?

    While large infrastructure projects like expressways can have environmental impacts, efforts are typically made to mitigate them through measures such as environmental impact assessments, wildlife crossings, and green infrastructure initiatives.

  5. Will the new expressway have tolls?

    Yes, like many expressways in India, the new Delhi-Mumbai expressway is expected to have tolls to recover construction and maintenance costs. Toll rates may vary depending on the distance traveled and vehicle type.

  6. What is the timeline for the completion of the expressway project?

    The timeline for the completion of the expressway project may vary depending on factors such as land acquisition, environmental clearances, and construction progress. However, it is expected to be completed in phases over several years.

  7. How will the expressway impact local communities and land use?

    The construction of the expressway may require land acquisition and resettlement of affected communities. However, improved connectivity and access to markets may also create new opportunities for local businesses and residents.

  8. How much is the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway project expected to cost?

    The project is estimated to cost approximately INR 1 lakh crore (about USD 13 billion).

  9. Will the new expressway alleviate traffic congestion on existing routes between Delhi and Mumbai?

    Users may be interested in understanding how the expressway will ease traffic congestion on other roads.


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