Monday, February 6, 2023

Multiple Geekbench listings of a 14-core Intel Alder Lake CPU spotted

Alder Lake is the next big thing from Intel and will finally bring 10nm based CPUs to the market with a new big.LITTLE architecture. So, there’s a big stake in Intel’s 12th Gen hybrid processors, especially after delivering the worst Rocket Lake-S processors.

Multiple Geekbench benchmarks of an upcoming Alder Lake-P engineering sample have been spotted with 14 cores and 20 threads with a misread maximum frequency of 27.1 GHz. The three scores are:

  • Single core: 1287, Multi-core: 8950
  • Single core: 1029, Multi-core: 7056
  • Single core: 1298, Multi-core: 9040

Thanks to Leakbench, we still get a fair idea of the performance you can expect although it’s the more efficient variant at stepping level 0 (engineering sample). So, it should consist of six Golden Cove cores for high-performance computing and eight Gracemont efficiency cores for basic work.


This works the same way as Apple uses ARM cores on an M1 chip so that the Golden Cove cores could take advantage of the Hyper-Threading technology making up (6×2) + (8×1) = 20 threads. This is why Geekbench is misreading the information; as of now, only CPU-Z benchmark supports reading Alder Lake data.

The new 12th Gen Alder Lake processors is a big shift from the traditional CPUs we have seen for the past few decades from Intel. So, it isn’t the best platform to expect supreme performance and high clock speeds but to establish efficiency as well as a new direction to computing workloads.

Intel is supposed to launch these new efficient chips in November this year and require new LGA 1700 motherboards that will support both PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 memory. AMD will also adopt this big.LITTLE architecture with Zen 5 and multiple leaks and patents have confirmed this as well.

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