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“Moon Knight”: Oscar Isaac reveals his darkness as Marvel’s Powerful Superhero

Marvel has revealed it’s the new hero with the full trailer of Moon Knight. It is Marvels Studios’ original series set to launch this spring only on Disney+. Marvel dropped the trailer during the Rams Cardinals wild card game on ESPN and ABC. Additionally, it also reveals some cool new footage of the series.

This series is starring Oscar Isaac who is saying, “ I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams”. It is sporting the legit British accent as there is Steven Grant toward the top of the trailer.

Moon Knight Trailer: Oscar Isaac Is Going Crazy in Marvel's Next Series Out  March 30 | Entertainment News

Moon Knight: Plot

The story of the series is following Grant who is a mild-mannered gift shop employee like he becomes plagued along with the blackouts with memories of another life. Steven finds out that he has such dissociative identity disorder and also just sharing his body with the terrible mercenary Marc Spector.

Moon Knight Trailer Release Date Revealed With New Footage

After Steven or Marc’s enemies have been converged upon them they start to navigate their complicated identities when the thrust of the deadly mystery revolves around such the strongest gods of Egypt. We will see Oscar Isaac as Marc  Spector who is an ex-soldier. He also becomes such a conduit for the Egyptian moon God Khonshu which only exacerbates the anxiety of Marc over his mental illness.

In the trailer that has been like set to Kid Cudi’s “Fay ‘n’ Night,” Marc becomes unable to say the difference between normal life and his dreams. He is now playing with such a Rubik cube unable to be asleep and just jumped out of bed with panic about the foot chained in his bed. It is just to forget seemingly that he had the one who has restrained himself in the night before.

After entering the museum in ancient Egypt, he just has been seen the vision of Khonshu and after that, he just met with the villain of Ethan Hawke, a cult leader who is encouraging  Marc to reveal the darkness in himself. The trailer just ends with Marc who is covering the costume of Moon Knight with a shot of him that is brutally set to beat someone on the floor of the bathroom.

Moon Knight: Who's Marc Spector Beating Up in Teaser Trailer?

It just certainly seems that the case of the footage just opens up an increasing disjointed reality of the character until we have been heard such Ethan Hawke’s baddie encouraging Steven/ Marc to ”  embrace the chaos,” on that point that we have been seen the transformation of the characters into such terrible  Egypt strong superhero based on this movie has been named.

According to the Marvel comics of 1975, Moon Knight had initially the superpowers based on the phases of the moon, the recent iterations have been kept the powers mortal by such upgraded gadgetry, it just has downed the fans of the Comics in comparison with DC Comics superhero Batman.

Moon Knight Trailer Gets a Quick Tease; Full Version Arrives Monday

Moon Knight: Cast

This Marvel series is featuring Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy. There is Mohamad Diab and the entire team of Justin  Benson & Aaron Moorhead directing the episodes. The head writer is Jeremy  Slater, and Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, Mohamed  Diab, Jeremy  Slater, and Oscar Isaac are mainly the executive producers.

Moon Knight: Release Date

This new Marvel superhero series will release on 30th March 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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