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Celebrating Mithali Raj’s 41st Birthday: Here we have some Unknown Facts and Records about her!

Mithali Raj, fondly known as the ‘Lady Tendulkar,’ has not just carved her name in the annals of cricket history but has also woven a story of determination, unexpected turns, and unparalleled success. As she turns 41 today, let’s delve into some lesser-known facets of her life and celebrate the illustrious career that spanned over 23 years.

Here are some unknown facts about Mithali Raj:

Wannabe Dancer

In a surprising revelation, Mithali shared in a 2021 interview that her initial passion was not cricket but classical dancing. Dreams of a dance career, however, took a back seat as destiny unfolded a different path for her.

An Accidental Cricketer

Mithali’s journey into cricket was serendipitous. Her father, Doraj Raj, a retired Air Force officer, introduced her to the sport to ensure she stayed active. A chance encounter at the Secunderabad sports coaching camp paved the way for her cricketing journey when coach Jyothi Prasad recognized her potential.

Dream of becoming an IAS Officer

Before captaining Team India, Mithali harboured dreams of becoming an IAS officer. In an interview with Star Sports, she expressed her aspirations beyond the cricket field, showcasing her diverse range of ambitions.

Love for Books

Beyond the cricket pitch, Mithali found solace in books and novels. Her pre-match routine involved immersing herself in reading to calm her nerves. The former captain’s love for literature reflected a multifaceted personality beyond her cricketing prowess.

Career Milestones and Records:

Mithali Raj’s statistics and records are a testament to her greatness in the cricketing world:

  • The only female cricketer with the most 50s in WODI cricket (64).
  • The only batswoman to surpass 7000 runs in WODIs.
  • Holds the record for playing the most ODI matches (232) in women’s cricket history.
  • Boasts the highest average in successful run-chases (109.5), inclusive of men’s cricket.

Career Highlights:

Mithali Raj’s international career, spanning more than two decades, showcased her dominance in the cricketing arena:

  • Debut in June 1999; she became the first woman cricketer to score 6000 runs in ODIs.
  • Completed two decades in the 50-over format in 2019.
  • Scored 7805 runs at an average of 50.68 in ODIs and 2364 runs in T20Is.
  • Emerged as the highest run-scorer in women’s internationals in July 2021.

Retirement and Legacy:

In 2022, Mithali Raj bid farewell to international cricket, leaving behind a legacy marked by numerous achievements:

  • The only Indian woman cricketer to notch a double century in Tests.
  • Holds the record for the most wins (89) as a captain in the history of women’s ODIs.
  • Most matches captained in ICC Women’s World Cups, achieved in the 2022 edition.
  • Boasts the longest international career in the history of women’s cricket, spanning over 23 years.

Mithali Raj’s journey transcends cricket; it is a narrative of passion, resilience, and breaking stereotypes. As we celebrate her 41st birthday, let’s honour not just the cricketer but the woman who danced, dreamt, and conquered the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Mithali Raj, a name etched in the echelons of cricketing greatness, leaves behind a legacy that inspires generations to come. Happy Birthday Mithali Raj:)


  1. What records has Mithali Raj achieved in Women’s ODI cricket?

    Mithali Raj holds several records in Women’s ODI cricket, including being the only female cricketer with the most 50s (64), the only batswoman to cross 7000 runs, and playing the most ODI matches (232) in the history of women’s cricket.

  2. How long did Mithali Raj’s international cricket career span?

    Mithali Raj’s international cricket career spanned over 23 years, making her one of the longest-serving players in the history of women’s cricket.

  3. When did Mithali Raj announce her retirement from international cricket?

    Mithali Raj announced her retirement in 2022, leaving international cricket as the seventh-ranked player in the ICC Women’s ODI standings.


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