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Mission Raniganj: Akshay Kumar’s Film at only ₹112

During National Cinema Week, you can watch “Mission Raniganj” featuring Akshay Kumar for just ₹112 in cinemas. The movie offers both entertainment and an impactful social message. The affordable ticket price shows Akshay Kumar’s desire to share the historical significance of Raniganj with a huge amount of audience, contributing to their lives and motivating them. “Mission Raniganj” is based on a real 1989 event in Raniganj, where 65 laborers displayed remarkable courage and determination in the face of adversity. In terms of box office earnings, the film has achieved impressive results both in India and globally.

More about Mission Raniganj

Akshay Kumar wants everyone to watch “Mission Raniganj” that is the reason he insisted on pricing the tickets as low as possible. He wants people to learn about Raniganj’s history and wants to re-unite everyone with this knowledge. Akshay Kumar wants to influence everyone with the help of the movie’s message irrespective of where they come from. He wants the movie to unite people, helping them understand and appreciate its timeless lessons.

image 447 Mission Raniganj: Akshay Kumar's Film at only ₹112

Mission Raniganj gives an important social message to the viewers. As viewers delve into the storyline of “Mission Raniganj,” they will be amazed by the story coming forward. This cinematic masterpiece is directed by Akshay Kumar. The film draws inspiration from a historical event that unfolded in the city of Raniganj in 1989. The thing that sets this film apart is its commitment to the authenticity of the event; all the characters portrayed are based on real people who played crucial roles in this dramatic event. Their determination and courage were on full display in the face of terrible hardships, making this incident a tragic yet inspiring event in history.

image 448 Mission Raniganj: Akshay Kumar's Film at only ₹112

Box Office Collection

Now, about the box office collection, “Mission Raniganj” has already left a mark. In India, it has earned a remarkable ₹25.05 crores, along with its popularity and impact within the country. Globally, its earnings have reached an impressive ₹31.45 crores, highlighting its resonance with international audiences. Moreover, within India, the total gross earnings stand at a commendable ₹27.2 crores, underlining its widespread success and recognition as an impactful cinematic experience.

  1. On which OTT platform does the movie Mission Raniganj will be released?

    The movie Mission Raniganj is going to release on the OTT giant platform named Netflix.


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