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Microsoft finally brings its DirectStorage API to windows

The DirectStorage API is now available to be delivered alongside Windows games. Developers and players will have access to best-in-class IO technology on both PC and consoles, much as they do with rendering technology with DirectX 12 Ultimate. This results in significantly faster loading times as well as more complex and broader game worlds.

The DirectStorage API was created in response to the changing storage and IO environment in PC gaming. DirectStorage will be supported on select systems with NVMe drives and will help to elevate gaming experiences. All Microsoft partners can now include this feature with their games. This year’s GDC will also feature a demonstration of the technology.

DirectStorage is compatible with Windows 10 devices for gamers. This technology, on the other hand, was created with Windows 11 in mind, as this OS includes the most up-to-date storage optimizations. While you can benefit from any storage device, putting games on an NVMe SSD will improve your IO performance and allow you to take advantage of DirectStorage to its maximum potential.

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Microsoft finally brings its DirectStorage API to windows

As some readers may have guessed, this API offers several IO system improvements that can cut loading times while also allowing for more rich game environments. In general, the approach lowers per-request NVMe overhead, allowing batched many-at-a-time parallel IO requests to be efficiently sent to the GPU and offering games finer grain control over when they are alerted of IO request completion rather than having to react to every little IO completion.

This technique was created specifically for NVMe SSDs, which contain hardware data access pipelines known as NVMe queues that are well-suited to gaming workloads. The DirectStorage programming style allows developers complete control over the highly efficient hardware. The technology is currently present in the most recent version of Windows PIX. Meanwhile, gamers can anticipate the release of compatible titles shortly. Forspoken will be one of them.

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