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McDonald’s India will treble its north and east store count to 300 In 3 years

McDonald’s India North and East, encouraged by increasing foot traffic and positive consumer sentiment, plans to double the number of locations to 300 in three years. In addition, the fast food restaurant company is updating its current locations; so far, 36 of them have undergone renovations.

Opening 300 Stores in 3 years

The restaurants are outdated, according to Sanjeev Agrawal, chairman and development licensee for McDonald’s India North and East. Reimagining them was necessary. In two years, they want to renovate 150 outlets.

McDonald's India will treble its north and east store count to 300 In 3 years
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To operate the restaurants in north and east India in 2020, Agrawal was chosen as the new partner. Amit Jatia’s Hardcastle Restaurants, which oversees operations in the south and west India, is in charge of McDonald’s other business in India while Bakshi and McDonald’s operated Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL), a 50:50 joint venture (JV).

McDonald’s and CRPL

Over 150 restaurants are run by CRPL, which has a license to operate across north and east India. Amit Jatia of Westlife Development is in charge of McDonald’s operations in western and southern India. At the moment, 326 outlets of them are run by Westlife Development.

McDonald's India will treble its north and east store count to 300 In 3 years
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After streamlining operations in Punjab and Delhi NCR, Agrawal, who also oversees one of Coca-largest Cola’s domestic bottling plants, stated that they are now focusing on West Bengal, Rajasthan, and UP.

The push for quick expansion takes place against the backdrop of inherited problems that have crept into the company. In contrast, McDonald’s outperformed the market in terms of sales and profit from April to June 2022, benefiting from consistent online demand, new product introductions, and higher prices. The fast food restaurant chain’s global sales increased by about 10% during the quarter.

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