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M3GAN: The new Trailer Unveils the Consequences of the Hightech AI System 

Universal Pictures has dropped the first trailer of the film that belongs to the horror community ‘M3GAN‘ The concept of the film has come from the mind of the great writer and director with a twisted mind, James Wan. This person I s also responsible for horror shows like Insidious, and The Conjuring franchise.

This is an all-new original movie. After debuting the first look poster of the film, we come to know that this latest Blumhouse production would be uncanny to tell the least. The new trailer has exposed Model Three Generative Android or M3GAN for the short. 


The darker adaptation is set to explore the worst side of technological advancements in artificial intelligence. The seductive society as both has reversed for the benefits yet the fears for those murky unknowns. There is an intelligent roboticist Gemma played by Allison Williams who has made a life-like doll that takes the help of AI to learn about her companions. She has determined her latest orphaned niece Cady that would make a handy trial on run. 

The trailer will bring a multi-Grammy Award to Taylor Swift. The new trailer has set the foundation for Gemma’s truly incorrect choice while we have learned that cady currently lost both of her aunt’s care. Now, as a lead robotics engineer of an apparently advanced toy company, Gemma set to get herself in a difficult circumstance. She just desired to provide a safe and supportive home for her niece, under the intense pressure at work.

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m1 M3GAN: The new Trailer Unveils the Consequences of the Hightech AI System 

We can assume the only solution is the M3GAN doll mainly designed to “be a child’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally.” M3GAN is now able to hear, learn, and make a bond with their child, while Gemma explicitly stated that her goal is to “partocracy Cady from harm’ that’s the thing what has actually intended to do no matter what M3GAN has interpreted as a threat. 

M3GAN has been reunited with Wan along with malignant co-writer Akela Cooper.  The new trailer unveils such steep tonal shifts from Cady and M3GAN gleefully Tik-Tok dancing their troubles away to the AI doll running on all fours in pursuit of a child. 

M3GAN: Cast 

Apart from Williams, and McGraw, M3GAN features Jenna Davis as the titular AI voice, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jen Van Epps, Lori Dungey, and Stephen Garneau Monten. Williams also serves as an executive producer for the film. 

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M3GAN: Release Date 

The friendships getting better with M3GAN. The film will hit on 13th January 2023. 

Here is the trailer: 

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