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Everything You Need to Know about Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League in 2024 (May 17)

Zupee’s skill-based gaming portfolio aims to revitalize classic casual and board games like Ludo with skill with the new Ludo Supreme League

Zupee, one of the fastest-growing online skill-based gaming platforms in India, announced the launch of its brand-new game format, Ludo Supreme. With the introduction of the Supreme League, Zupee has further strengthened its product line-up of culturally relevant skill-based casual and board games.

This Ludo Supreme League, created internally by the skill-based platform, introduces an exciting variation to the classic game of Ludo. It offers a unique single-player online format where players can compete to rise on the leaderboard by achieving high scores and earning cash rewards. With this, the brand goes one notch higher on skill and novelty factor by integrating the super successful Ludo Supreme League into a tournament format.

maxresdefault 21 Everything You Need to Know about Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League in 2024 (May 17)

In this game, the player is given a set number of moves and a time limit for each move. A unique aspect of the game is the strategic placement of 12 tokens as obstacles throughout the board. By strategically manoeuvring their ludo tokens and removing obstacle tokens within the limited moves, the player can maximize their score. The new Supreme League game is now accessible on Android smartphones.

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The skill-based platform games heavily rely on the user’s skills; for instance, in the Supreme League and its other Ludo versions, all four tokens are open from the start, unlike traditional Ludo games. This allows users to strategize all tokens without depending on the chance of getting a 6. Download the Ludo Supreme APK from here.

Speaking on the game launch, Zupee CEO & Founder – Mr. Dilsher Singh Malhi, mentioned “Ludo is our flagship product, and we are delighted to announce Supreme League, which in a first-of-its-kind manner seamlessly integrates the nostalgic bits of Ludo Supreme into a very exciting and novel tournament style format. We firmly believe that Supreme League is only going to further entice our loyal customer base and will subsequently draw larger audiences towards skill-based gaming”

Commenting on Zupee’s portfolio of games, Akanksha Dhamija, Vice President, of Growth & Strategy Zupee said, “We focus on culturally rooted games and ensure innovation is a key ingredient in our product portfolio of in-house games. With the introduction of the Supreme League, Zupee has further strengthened its line-up of Ludo games, this time in a brand new tournament format.”

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Since its inception in 2018, the company has significantly grown, with over 95% market share in the casual and board game segments. Players in English, Hindi, and Marathi can access it thanks to its over 70 million installed users.

  1. What is Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League?

    Zupee announced its brand-new game format, Ludo Supreme League, developed in-house by Zupee giving the traditional game of Ludo a fresh new twist. This is an all-new single-player format of online Ludo that allows a player to climb up the leaderboard by scoring high and winning cash prizes.

  2. How can players practice for Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League?

    Players can practice for Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League by playing Ludo matches in the Zupee app or participating in practice tournaments to hone their skills before the main event.

  3. How can players register for Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League?

    Players can register for Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League by downloading the Zupee app, creating an account, and following the registration process outlined on the platform.

  4. Is Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League legal?

    Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League is a legitimate gaming tournament hosted by Zupee, a reputable gaming platform in India. However, participants should ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding online gaming and cash prizes.

  5. Can I watch Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League matches live?

    Zupee may provide live streaming of select matches from the Ludo Supreme League on its platform or other streaming platforms. Players and spectators can watch these matches to follow the tournament’s progress.

  6. Where can I find more information about Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League?

    Players can find more information about Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League on the Zupee app, website, or official social media channels. Zupee may also send notifications or emails to registered users regarding upcoming tournaments and updates.

  7. Is Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League available for all players?

    Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League may be available for players in specific regions or countries where the Zupee app operates. Players should check the Zupee app or website for availability in their area.

  8. Is there an entry fee for participating in the league?

    Yes, most tournaments, including the Ludo Supreme League, require an entry fee that varies depending on the prize pool and the level of competition.

  9. What are the rules of Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League?

    The rules of Zupee’s Ludo Supreme League are similar to standard Ludo gameplay, where players roll the dice and move their tokens around the board to reach the finish line. Specific tournament rules and formats may vary.

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