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Luciano Acosta Clinches MLS MVP Title: A Messi-like Triumph

Dominance in Votes

Luciano Acosta, the electrifying midfielder from FC Cincinnati, has ascended to the summit of Major League Soccer, clinching the coveted MLS MVP title in a manner reminiscent of the legendary Lionel Messi. His triumph was nothing short of spectacular, securing an overwhelming 60% of the votes cast by media, players, and clubs. In a landslide victory, Acosta left his competitors, Denis Bouanga (Los Angeles FC) and Thiago Almada (Atlanta United), trailing far behind.

Luciano Costa Image Credits Goal Luciano Acosta Clinches MLS MVP Title: A Messi-like Triumph
Luciano Costa, Image Credits- Goal

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Stellar Season Performance

At the heart of Acosta’s triumph was a season marked by brilliance and statistical excellence. The Argentine maestro showcased his prowess with a phenomenal tally of 17 goals and 14 assists, distinguishing himself as the top vote-getter. This remarkable performance not only solidified his claim to the MVP award but also elevated him to the status of a true standout in the league.

Humble Acknowledgment

Despite the individual accolades, Acosta remained grounded, generously sharing the credit with his teammates. In his reflection on the achievement, he stated, “I still don’t feel like this trophy is mine.” His emphasis on the collective effort and team success underscored his humility, highlighting that individual awards were never the primary focus.

Luciano Acosta Image Credits MLS Luciano Acosta Clinches MLS MVP Title: A Messi-like Triumph
Luciano Acosta, Image Credits- MLS

Luciano Acosta Eyeing the MLS Cup

As the playoff intensity builds, Cincinnati FC, led by Acosta, is gearing up for the Eastern Conference playoff final against arch-rival Columbus Crew. This pivotal clash presents a golden opportunity for Acosta and his team to secure a spot in the MLS Cup final. The winner of this fierce encounter will face either Houston or defending champion Los Angeles FC in the highly anticipated final on December 9.

Messi’s Influence

Expressing gratitude and paying homage to his compatriot Lionel Messi, Acosta acknowledged Messi’s influence despite the limited number of MLS contests Messi played for Inter Miami this season. Looking ahead, Acosta anticipates Messi’s full campaign in 2024, expressing the desire to compete for the MVP once again. The bond between these Argentine maestros adds a layer of camaraderie and anticipation to the unfolding MLS narrative.

Luciano Acosta with Lionel Messi Image Credits ESPN India Luciano Acosta Clinches MLS MVP Title: A Messi-like Triumph
Luciano Acosta with Lionel Messi, Image Credits- ESPN India

Historic Achievement

Acosta’s MVP win places him in the annals of MLS history as the ninth South American-born player to achieve this prestigious distinction. Joining the ranks of notable Argentine players such as Diego Valeri, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, and Christian Gomez, Acosta’s name is now etched alongside the greats who have left an indelible mark on the league.

Overwhelming Support

The extent of Acosta’s dominance in the MVP race is emphasized by the numbers, with an overwhelming 60.37% of votes from players, club staff, and a media panel. Denis Bouanga of LAFC came in second with 14.97%, while Thiago Almada of Atlanta secured the third spot with 6.46%. This resounding show of support from across the soccer community solidifies Acosta’s status as a player held in high regard.

Stylish Victory

Described as an extraordinary feat, Acosta’s win is celebrated not just for the numbers but for the style in which he achieved it—reminiscent of Lionel Messi: with class and efficiency. This acknowledgment of style adds an aesthetic dimension to his triumph, elevating the significance of his victory beyond statistical accomplishments.

Lionel Messi for Inter Miami, Image via Reuters
Soccer Football – Leagues Cup – Group J – Inter Miami v Cruz Azul – DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States – July 21, 2023 Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi scores their second goal from a free kick REUTERS/Marco Bello

Record-breaking Performances in MLS

Acosta’s impact extends beyond the current season, making him the sixth player in the league’s storied history to achieve at least 10 goals and 10 assists in three or more seasons. Furthermore, he becomes the 14th player to reach the milestone of 50 goals and 70 assists in his career. These statistics underscore his consistency and longevity at the top tier of MLS performance.

Integral Role in Team

It is worth emphasizing that Acosta is not just an individual standout but a fundamental piece of the team’s puzzle. As they vie for a spot in the competition final against Columbus Crew at the TQL Stadium, Acosta’s role as a linchpin becomes even more crucial. His influence extends beyond personal achievements to shaping the collective success of Cincinnati FC.

Multiple Accolades

In addition to the MVP award, Acosta’s season was adorned with further recognition, being named MLS Player of the Week twice and MLS Player of the Month on two occasions. The 29-year-old player, who began his career at Boca Juniors, has not only made history as the first in the annals of FC Cincinnati to be the MLS MVP but has also left an indelible mark as a multi-faceted and consistently outstanding player.

Luciano Acosta Image Credits ESPN India Luciano Acosta Clinches MLS MVP Title: A Messi-like Triumph
Luciano Acosta, Image Credits- ESPN India

In achieving this honor, Acosta joins the prestigious list of South American players who have not only excelled individually but have also contributed significantly to the vibrancy and richness of MLS history. His journey from Boca Juniors to becoming an MLS MVP exemplifies a narrative of talent, dedication, and a commitment to excellence that resonates with soccer enthusiasts across the globe.


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