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Lost Bullet 2: French Action thriller Sequel has Returned with More Excitement 

Netflix has dropped the first look of the French action sequel ‘Lost Bullet 2: Back for More‘. This is undoubtedly one of the high-octane French movies like its predecessor Lost Bullet5 2020. Since 2020, one of the great underrated gems that everyone can skip while they have set to pick up a movie on Netflix. A sequel has already been presented there. Now, Lino is a whiz mechanic with a knack for making ram cars until he gets arrested for a heist gone wrong. He has been scouted by the head of a special drug law enforcement squad and also has been provided such a bargain, trying to avoid prison. After nine months Lino had proven his worth. 

lb3 Lost Bullet 2: French Action thriller Sequel has Returned with More Excitement 

He has no choice as he was wrongly convicted of murder. He needs to get the only proof of his innocence, the bullet from the crime also lodged in the missing car. He will now stop at nothing for the justice that indicates breaking all of the rules. After the death of Charris, Lino and Julia started to reign and make a new narcotic unit. They become determined to find out the killers of his brother and his mentor, Lino also continues his haunt and won’t allow anyone to follow his way.

This film also known as another name Balle Perdue 2 is again directed by French movie maker Guillaume Pierret who debuted the first Buller movie along with the other short film. The screenplay was originally written by Alban Lenoir and Guillaume Pierret. The cinematographer is Morgan S. Dalibert. 


Lost Bullet 2: Cast 

The film Lost Buller 2 fractures lban Lenoir, Diego Martin, Pascale Arbillot, and Stefi just shock forklift thing on the font or not. One thing we can see is that this sequel definitely going to be one of the badasses. 

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Lost Bullet 2: Release Date 

The French action thriller will hit on 10th November 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

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