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LG Display Revealed Their Roadmap For 2024: A Change In Focus 

In today’s world, who doesn’t know about the LG Display? Well, there can be many, who haven’t even heard about it. If that’s the case and this article is a wake-up, we should at least know about it, even if not in very detail. 

Today digital displays have become an inseparable part of our daily life, and knowing about its one of the best producers is really important. 

That is why we have brought this guide on the changing shift of LG Displays in 2024. So, if you haven’t heard about this before then please give this article a read. 

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LG Display To Focus More On High-Spec IPS Black & WOLED Monitors

As the year 2024 has begun LG Displays has revealed its roadmap for the year. And in this roadmap, it has made clear what will be its focus point of the year. 

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What we can say at first glance of the roadmap is that the company will focus on revamping the IPS technology. As the LG Display is the trendsetter of the display industry, every element in its roadmap holds immense significance. 

main product slide01 jpg LG Display Revealed Their Roadmap For 2024: A Change In Focus 

And from what it has shared as its roadmap for 2024 we can draw certain points. First, the year will be a progressive year for the display industry and market. 

The company will focus on refining the existing technology because the current display technology has many aspects untouched. 

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Second, it will focus on designing personalized solutions for specific audiences. Today, the display market has gotten very broad and thus the audience has also increased. 

This also means a rise in their specific demands and requirements. And it seems that LG Display wants to cater to the needs of audiences. Also, it is going to integrate the “IPS Black” in its future displays. Also, they are going to introduce WOLED in their upcoming gaming models. Hence we can say that the roadmap that LG Display has created is indeed very progressive and they have tried to set new trends in the industry. 

Below are the gaming monitors that LG Display has planned out:

  • 27″ Dual Mode IPS 16:9 (3840×2160 @240Hz + 1920×1080 @ 480Hz)
  • 27″ Dual Mode IPS 16:9 (3840×2160 @144Hz+ 1920×1080 @ 288Hz)
  • 27″ Gaming IPS Black 16:9 (2560×1440 @360Hz)

The IPS Black lineup which is currently in mass production, is as below:

  • 49″ 32:9 Curved (5120×1440)
  • 40″ 21:9 Curved (5120×2160 @ 120Hz)
  • 37.5″ 24:10 Curved (3840×1600)
  • 34″ 21:9 Curved (3440×1440 @ 120Hz)
  • 31.5″ 16:9 Flat (6144×3456)
  • 27″ 16:9 Flat (5120×2880)
  • 27″ 16:9 Flat (2560×1440 @ 120Hz)


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