Leaks: Xiaomi’s upcoming foldable smartphone might be a part of the Mi Mix series

Leaks: Xiaomi's upcoming foldable smartphone might be a part of the Mi Mix series

Foldable phones are smartphones that seem to pull customers a lot. And many companies believe that this foldable design will have a lot to say in the future smartphone market. We have already seen Samsung getting into this niche segment 2-3 years back. Following them, many Chinese manufacturers and even the US tech giant, Apple, is planning to step into this market. One of the companies to think towards this is Xiaomi

It was first reported back in 2019 that Xiaomi wants to step into this market and has already started planning to build a handset. Over the past few months, we have seen various teasers about being a potential Xiaomi foldable smartphone. Now it seems, we are very close to the actual device. 

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A similar device from the house of Xiaomi was leaked on Weibo but very shortly the post was put down. Yet, a few of the people got their hands on the photos. Nils Ahrensmeier from TechnikNews shared them on Twitter. The smartphone looks to have very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The leaked images also show the presence of the “Mix” branding. A day before yesterday we shared with you that a new Mi MIX phone might soon be launched. The smartphone could be the fourth device in the series and can be called Mi MIX 4. 

We are not sure that it is just a coincidence or there is some link between the two reports. The leaked images of today also show that the handset comes with a triple-camera setup at the rear stacked in a vertical orientation. Not much of the front screen or the selfie camera can be known as of now. There’s also a possibility that there is no selfie camera at all. We can’t say when Xiaomi will release this model. The last smartphone from the MIX series was launched way back in 2019. Thus, a new smartphone is due a long time.



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