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Kickstart your coding career with Python Programming course

Jetking Infotrain introduces a course for Python coders

Mumbai, 12th April: Jetking Infotrain Limited, India’s leading Digital Skills Institute, announced its python programming course featuring industry experts to enhance the teaching experiences to help students start a career in the software industry. According to statistics and data analysis, Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages by firms and hiring agencies looking for managers who have completed this most in-demand language. Python is a vital tool for anyone starting a career as a tech/data analyst because it is widely utilized in the world of Data Science and is only rising in popularity.

The Python Programming course is available to every student no matter if they have a degree or not, which will help them start a career in the software industry. This course imparts in a student the knowledge & skills required to be successful in the software industry.  During this course, applicants will learn various subjects like troubleshooting and error handling, CGI & multithreading programming, Python databases, regular expression and debugging tool which will help them grow in this space which takes place over a period of 40 hours spread out with different ways of teaching and industry experts sharing their experience with the students.

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Mr. Harsh Bharwani Kickstart your coding career with Python Programming course

Kickstart your coding career with Python Programming course

Mr. Harsh Bharwani, CEO & MD, Jetking Infotrain said, “Python programming, being a very versatile language, can be applied in a wide range of sectors; however, there is considerably more scope in India, where there are many more jobs available than python developers. Jetking offers a comprehensive learning experience with industry leaders who highlight the significance of Python programming in India. Python has quickly become one of the most in-demand technologies on the planet. You may be a part of the future’s trendy technologies by picking python as a career.”

Python programming course is the course in the market which is mapped with the skill sets required to become a Python program developer / Engineer. Jetking Infotrain uses different types of resources to ensure that the students get the best learning experiences like e-learning, videos, simulations, and certain reference links which are linked to external information sources.

Students attempting this course will be assessed using Jetking’s Assessment Systems to assess & certify them. These assessments are of two types: Summative and Formative.

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Formative assessmentSummative Assessment
MCQs, Quizzes through Weekly Assessment using Online ToolBased on scenarios at the end of each semester. Viva voce, Presentations & Assignments are part of summative assessment

After attempting this course, students will become technical professionals in the field of Blockchain domain, and help getting a Blockchain Engineer job in this market.

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