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Kia India sells 5 lakh units in just three years

Within three years of its introduction, Kia India reported that it had sold 5 lakh units in India. The Kia Seltos mid-size SUV was introduced to the domestic market by the South Korean automaker’s Indian subsidiary back in August 2019.

From this moment on, the business expanded its lineup to include four vehicles, ranging from the luxury MPV Carnival to the subcompact SUV Sonet. Including exports, the manufacturer has produced more than 6,34,224 vehicles at its Anantapur factory in Andhra Pradesh.

Kia India and Sales

The portfolio of Kia India is concentrated on vehicle types including compact SUVs and MPVs, which have shown steady growth in the Indian market. A total of 7,54,892 SUVs were sold in 2019, with the mid-size Hyundai Creta recording the highest sales volume at 96,989 units. The Seltos, which was only a year old at the time, came in second with 96,932 units sold.

Kia India sells 5 lakh units in just three years
credits – carandbike.com

With the Seltos and Sonet, Kia currently controls 40% of the mid-size SUV market and 15% of the sub-compact SUV market, respectively. With 30,953 units sold since February 2022, the freshly released Kia Carens MPV already serves 18% of the budget MPV market in India.

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Kia is aware that the modern Indian consumer expects value for their money. Additionally, the Seltos offered segment-first amenities in 2019 like a sunroof, an air purifier, and a Bose audio system, which adds to their appeal.

Furthermore, Kia was able to establish itself as a premium brand from the outset thanks to its distinct stance as a rival to Hyundai. Better features, more premium materials, and sharper designs than the competition all helped Kia establish a reputation for quality that was superior to Hyundai’s in every market.

About the Halo products

By providing services to the best-performing segments, Kia India does not ignore the need for Halo or Ultra-Premium products in other sectors. The renowned Toyota Innova was the market leader in the premium MPV class when the Kia Carnival made its debut in 2021. Both buyers and critics praised the model, and it had strong sales.

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Then most recently, Kia’s all-electric EV6 stunned everyone. The halo product significantly altered everyone’s idea of what a Kia product might be at an initial price of Rs 59.95 lakh.

The EV6 was advertised as having an all-wheel-drive, 325 hp/605 Nm-producing motor, 77.4 kWh battery, and 528 km of the claimed range. Such staggering numbers demonstrated to the Indian market that when they purchase a Kia product, they are investing in a top-tier brand.

Chief Sales Officer of Kia India

Myung-Sik Sohn, Chief Sales Officer, Kia India, said that because in just three years, they have not only become India’s trend-setting and inspirational brand but also taken the lead in the adoption of new technology. He wants to give credit to everyone who has ever been a part of the ecosystem for Kia India’s success.

He further stated that he wanted to express his sincere gratitude to all of the customers who had continued to support the business despite challenging circumstances like the problems with the global supply chain. He proclaimed today with pride that their greatest achievement was winning a place in Indian consumers’ hearts.

The success of Kia is evidence that it’s not as difficult to break into the Indian market as some businesses would have us believe. Nearly all brands that have failed to expand in India or have disappeared from the market never consistently had the correct combination of products and strategy.

Kia India sells 5 lakh units in just three years
credits – cartrade.com

Moreover, it’s not only Kia; there are a few other new brands, like MG, and redesigned brands, like Skoda. Volkswagen has demonstrated that, despite the common justification of blaming the government for everything that goes wrong, a firm can swiftly develop a profitable business in India as long as it has the proper products and a sensible methodology.

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