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Juventus under UEFA investigation for potential FFP breach

After the resignation of the entire Juventus board, UEFA have confirmed that they are being investigated for a breach in Financial Fair Play regulations. 

Allegations of false accounting, coming from the Turin prosecutor’s office, have built up even more pressure on the club. 

Juventus under investigation for FFP breach 

“In the event that, after conclusion of this investigation, the club’s financial situation was significantly different from that assessed by the CFCB First Chamber at the time the settlement agreement was concluded, or if new and substantial facts arise or become known, the CFCB First Chamber reserves the right to terminate the settlement agreement, take any legal step it may deem appropriate, and impose disciplinary measures,” UEFA said.

“The investigation will focus on the alleged financial violations that were recently made public as a result of the proceedings led by the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) and the public prosecutor in Turin,” UEFA continued.

Juventus have announced that they will cooperate fully with the authorities, who will announce a hearing date next week. They will decide whether or not to indict or proceed with the trial. 

The investigation has been dealing with matters surrounding illegal commissions from player transfer fees. Under the table payments in the form of salaries, and misinformation to investors are also among the misdeeds that are being looked into. 

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Arsh Das
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