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Jason Momoa’s Ploy: Arriving on Aquaman Set in Johnny Depp Attire, Seeking Amber Heard’s Removal

The production of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ was significantly affected by the ongoing Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard legal battle, which cast a long shadow over Hollywood. Amber Heard, widely ostracized in the film industry due to her tumultuous relationship with Johnny Depp, faced numerous challenges during the filming of the Aquaman sequel. Court documents, including notes from her therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes, shed light on the tensions that arose between her, leading man Jason Momoa, and director James Wan.

Jason Momoa

The Whole Jason Momoa Play on Aquaman Set

One particularly unsettling incident occurred when Momoa appeared on set apparently under the influence of alcohol. Dr. Hughes’ notes describe how Jason, wearing attire reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s style, allegedly attempted to have Amber Heard removed from the film. In the original ‘Aquaman’ film, Heard played the role of Hera and was set to reprise her character in the sequel. Following the trial, there was widespread speculation about whether Heard would retain her role, with a Change.org petition garnering millions of signatures calling for her removal. Despite the controversy, Warner Bros. ultimately chose to retain Amber Heard in her role as Mera for the upcoming movie.

image 350 Jason Momoa's Ploy: Arriving on Aquaman Set in Johnny Depp Attire, Seeking Amber Heard's Removal

In the therapist’s notes, Heard is claimed to have stated that Jason Momoa expressed a desire to have her fired while appearing inebriated on set, dressing in a manner resembling Johnny Depp, and even wearing Depp’s signature rings. This created a tense atmosphere during production.

Director James Wan also reportedly harbored frustration towards Amber Heard, blaming her for casting a shadow over the film due to the trial. Allegedly, he expressed concerns about promoting the Aquaman sequel in light of the ongoing legal battle. In the therapist’s notes, Heard is quoted as saying that Wan raised his voice at her, stating, “I can’t even post about Aquaman,” and insinuating that it was her fault. She responded by apologizing, mentioning that due to the controversy, nobody was allowed to take selfies with her on set.

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image 351 Jason Momoa's Ploy: Arriving on Aquaman Set in Johnny Depp Attire, Seeking Amber Heard's Removal

Upon the publication of these allegations by Variety, both Jason Momoa and James Wan’s representatives declined to comment. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. denied Heard’s claims. The studio appeared to support Momoa and Wan while leaving Amber Heard to face the situation on her own. The ongoing tension surrounding the trial and its impact on the film’s production raises questions about the behind-the-scenes challenges in the world of Hollywood.


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