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Latin Music Sensation J Balvin Teases Potential Collaboration with BTS Before Military Service

Latin music sensation J Balvin disclosed in a live Instagram stream that he’s been collaborating with the South Korean icons BTS on new musical projects.

BTS Image Credits Billboard 3 Latin Music Sensation J Balvin Teases Potential Collaboration with BTS Before Military Service
BTS, Image Credits – Billboard

Balvin also shared the news of the song’s impending release, bringing excitement to his fans. However, he added a caveat that it’s still awaiting its official debut, sparking electric anticipation among everyone.

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Tracing the Roots of Collaboration: J Balvin and BTS

The foundation for this musical collaboration may have been established at the 2022 Grammy Awards, where Balvin and the internationally renowned septet had the opportunity to meet. This has prompted speculation about whether this encounter served as the catalyst for their collaboration.

As BTS members prepare to fulfill their military service obligations and are anticipated to return in 2025, there is significant conjecture regarding whether the song will be released following their hiatus.

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Balvin’s revelation about collaboration with BTS occurred during an Instagram live session, where he accidentally disclosed that he had joined BTS in the studio to record vocals for a song prior to the group’s military enlistment.

BTS Image Credits Billboard 2 Latin Music Sensation J Balvin Teases Potential Collaboration with BTS Before Military Service
BTS, Image Credits – Billboard

Despite the excitement, the release date of the track remains undisclosed, leaving both fans and Balvin himself uncertain about its fate. Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred speculation among fans, who speculate that the song may be unveiled after BTS’s return from military service.

The prospect of a collaboration has long been a subject of interest, fueled by interactions between J Balvin and BTS members that hinted at a potential partnership.

The connection between the Latin music sensation and BTS heightened when J Balvin shared a friendly exchange with J-Hope and Jimin at a Dior Show, exchanging handshakes. Speculation reached new heights following the 2022 Grammys, where Balvin further fueled rumors by posting a photo with BTS on his Instagram account.

Clues to a Collaboration: J Balvin and BTS

The initial hints of a collaboration emerged when Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, expressed his interest in working with Latin artists such as Becky G, Rosalia, and J Balvin during a 2023 interview.

J Balvin Image Credits Billboard Latin Music Sensation J Balvin Teases Potential Collaboration with BTS Before Military Service
J Balvin, Image Credits- Billboard

Adding to the speculation, Balvin shared an Instagram story where he was seen enjoying Jungkook’s track “SEVEN,” featuring actress Han So Hee and American rapper Latto in the music video. Alongside this, Balvin posted a playful image with his dog Enzo, captioned “Jungkook en la vibra,” translating to “Jungkook on the vibe.”

Despite these hints, there has been no official confirmation regarding the fruition of this potential collaboration.

Unexpected Harmony: Imagine Dragons and J Balvin’s Collaboration

When Imagine Dragons fans caught wind of the group’s plan to release a new version of their single “Eyes Closed” featuring J Balvin, some felt a sense of unease. After all, this track holds significant weight as the lead single from the band’s forthcoming sixth album, “Loom,” scheduled for release on June 28. The prospect of reggaetón blending with Imagine Dragons’ signature pop-rock style seemed perplexing.

However, their worries were unfounded. The resulting collaboration saw Balvin seamlessly integrate hard-hitting verses into the rock groove, while Imagine Dragons even reworked a section of the song. The outcome struck a chord with fans, surpassing expectations and creating a synergy greater than the sum of its parts.

J Balvin and Imagine Dragons Image Credits Billboard Latin Music Sensation J Balvin Teases Potential Collaboration with BTS Before Military Service
J Balvin and Imagine Dragons, Image Credits- Billboard

Reactions flooded in, with one fan expressing on YouTube, “I didn’t know I needed this til I saw it AAAAAAA,” while another exclaimed, “This is insane. I didn’t expect that this was gonna sound so epic with him.”

This leaves us pondering: How did Imagine Dragons and J Balvin come together for this unexpected collaboration? And what magic formula led to such an impressive remix?

Billboard sat down with Balvin and Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds to unravel the story behind this remarkable musical fusion.

Reynolds: I met with the guys [bassist Ben McKee and guitarist Wayne Sermon] when we were working on the song [late last year] and it just felt like something was missing when we were in the studio. We really don’t often do collaborations, but this song in particular, [we felt] it really needs something to complete it. The three of us were in a room and we talked about things we were listening to and what was inspiring to us, and all of us were like: ‘J, love his music.” We reached out to him and within a week [it came together].

Balvin: I was in Rumania in a concert, and Chris Knight from my management team said, check this out. He didn’t even say it was Imagine Dragons: He said “Yo, they want you on this song, tell me what you think.” And I said, “Play it.” And when I heard that voice — and the production is mind-blowing, the production is so ahead — I was like, “We’re recording this tomorrow.”


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