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Is Money Heist Season 6 Returning? Revealing all the Rumours Spreading Over Internet

Will Money Heist Season 6 be Returning on Netflix?

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), is a Netflix series that debuted in 2017. The series has been a rollercoaster ride of thrilling heists and deep character stories which build connections with people around the globe. Over the 5 seasons, Money Heist has bound the audience by blending drama and suspense like a pro. Since there was a craze among the audience for this series, rumours of its 6th season spread like fire on social media.

Despite the buzz and the wishful thinking of the audience, some sites and Facebook posts are putting the audience of Money Heist in the dark. This isn’t the first time such rumours have floated around, often originating from Facebook – similar to speculations about ‘365 Days Part 4’ or ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Season 2. While some rumours, like ‘Enola Holmes 3’, have materialized, most remain ungrounded speculation. Here we will disclose all the rumours behind the Money Heist Season 6.

The Truth Behind Money Heist Season 6 Rumors

The truth over all the speculations and rumours is that no “Money Heist” Season 6 is coming our way. The show has officially concluded its journey with its fifth season, it wrapped up its main storyline in December 2021. The show’s format, while offering the potential for more thrilling stories, will not extend to a sixth season.

If you wish to have a touch of this series there is much more content related to Money Heist for the fans. there are new series and games coming to watch and play over the Internet.

Money Heist Coming with its Spin-Off Sequel

The end of “Money Heist” isn’t the end of the journey. The universe of the show is expanding in some exciting ways. We’ve got “Money Heist: Berlin” coming up on 26 December 2023. It’s a prequel focused on Berlin, a character who’s fascinated us all with his complexity. And let’s not forget “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” which takes the franchise to new geographical and cultural horizons.

Money Heist Game on the way

“Money Heist” is breaking into the world of gaming too. Netflix has released a trailer for the Money Heist Game. Fans will soon get to know about the narrative with an interactive story on the Netflix Stories app and a standalone game developed by KillaSoft. These ventures show how the “Money Heist” brand continues to evolve and stay popular.

What’s Next for Álex Pina?

Álex Pina, the genius behind “Money Heist,” isn’t slowing down. His partnership with Netflix, renewed in 2022, hints at more innovative projects coming up. We’re talking about a series set in a pandemic-stricken underground bunker – sounds intriguing, right? This partnership is a testament to Pina’s creative prowess and his knack for captivating storytelling.

Money Heist as a Successful Series

Still, Money Heist was a Spanish crime series, that still able to connect with English-speaking people across the boundaries of the world. Naturally, it’s hard to connect with a storyline if it is lingually different but the circumstances with the Money heist were different, it still lies in the heart of people that rumours of the 6th season were going over the sky.

There is not any official announcement coming from the officials, so here condemn all the false rumours and speculations that are leading to misinformation among the global fans. Still, if there will be any condition or chance of getting a new season we will update it soon through our websites till then don’t believe in any rumours until it is not from officials. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. When is “Money Heist: Berlin” set to be released?

    “Money Heist: Berlin” is scheduled for release on 26 December 2023.

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