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IPL 2021 Betting Odds and Predictions

Who will be the champion this year? Will Chennai Super Kings make a comeback? What about Mumbai Indians or Royal Challengers Bangalore? We’ve got all the odds for you, so take a look at our predictions before placing your bet.

You can’t go wrong with any of these teams! But if you want to know more about each team, we’ve got previews and analyses for them too. So whether you’re an expert or just starting out, we have everything you need to get ready for this season’s action-packed cricket tournament.

Predicted Winner of IPL 2021

The most popular betting site, Sports Interaction, predicts Delhi to win this year’s IPL. At 5/2 odds, they are the most likely victors.

Can their new coach bring home the trophy for Delhi? Will Mumbai finally rise again after a lackluster showing last season? Can Chennai continue to be called ‘The Knight Riders’ after some dramatic changes in management at the last second? All of these questions will only be answered on April 5th when IPL 2021 begins!

Finding potential finalists using IPL 2021 betting odds

The first step to finding some value is looking at potential finalists. These teams have the best odds, and you will see the same names appearing on multiple lists: Delhi Daredevils, Rajasthan Royals, and Chennai Super Kings. If one of these teams wins this year’s IPL, then everyone who bet on them will be ecstatic: they would receive their winnings many times over! However, if you can find another team that has a good chance of making it to the finals (or even winning!), then you could cash in big time.

What is T20 cricket: Rules & Regulations Explained

T20 cricket is a shorter version of cricket with each team given only 20 overs (or 120 balls) to score as many runs as possible. The batsmen get a chance to score more and the bowlers get fewer chances to get them out. This means that T20 cricket betting odds which is the favourite team in ipl may not be exactly like cricket betting odds for test cricket, but they are still worth taking a look at if you want to improve your winnings on Hindi cricket bets.

Who would read this: People who follow cricket or their local news would probably enjoy reading about how Delhi Daredevils is predicted by sportsbooks on online casino sites such as Sports Interaction win IPL 2021.

What are the betting odds on IPL 2021 favorites?

As of right now, Sports Interaction has the following betting odds:

5/2 Delhi Daredevils: Yes, cricket is a game of seconds and these odds are quickly changing. What will change even faster though, is everyone’s bank accounts if they bet on this team!

8/1 Chennai Super Kings: They’ve been one of the more stable teams in cricket, but after some drama at the last minute (involving allegations and owners fleeing), it remains to be seen what happens with CSK.

11/1 Rajasthan Royals: This cricket team is coming back strong after several years away from Indian cricket leagues. With some changes and new management can they win?

12/1 Mumbai Indians: Mumbai cricket betting odds have them at a bit of a disadvantage to the others, but they’re still a cricket team that can bring home the trophy if everything goes right for them.

18/1 Kolkata Knight Riders: The former ‘Mumbai Indians’ cricket team is now called KKR and has new cricket betting odds as well as new management. If all goes as planned, this could be their year.

33/1 Kings XI Punjab: Kings XI Punjab cricket betting odds are not great considering how well they did last IPL. They’ll need several things to go their way if they want any chance of winning it all!


Betting on cricket in the IPL is a popular pastime for many cricket fans, and it’s not too late to get in on some of this hot action! In order to do so, you need to know about cricket betting odds. This article provides an overview of how cricket works, what T20 cricket is, and who would read this blog post. We also provide information about the current IPL 2021 betting odds from Sports Interaction as well as other teams that have been predicted by sportsbooks online casino sites such as Sports Interaction win IPL 2021 at 5/2 odds.

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