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iPad Air 5 to come with design but with more upgrades

It’s been a while since the iPad Air 4 was released, and with the announcement of the iPad mini 6, which has improved technology and 5G compatibility, a replacement should arrive sooner rather than later. Thankfully, Apple is rumored to have something planned for later this year, and if you’re interested in picking up the iPad Air 5 in the future owing to all the rumors, we’re here to supply all the information you’ll need.

Apple would not need to change its design, especially after it did so just over two years ago. As a result, we anticipate the iPad Air 5 to have thin bezels. Face ID support will not be available anytime soon. Instead, we anticipate that, like the iPad Air 4, the forthcoming tablet will include the same side-mounted Touch ID sensor that also serves as a power button.

We believe Apple will allow for speedier authentication using the Touch ID sensor at most. The iPad Air 5’s display is likely to feature the same 10.9-inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD panel as the iPad Air 4, with little likelihood of supporting a high refresh rate. To keep prices down, Apple is expected to avoid mini-LED displays, which appear to be limited to the iPad Pro family for the time being.

Apple released a 4-core GPU part for the cheaper iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini with the A15 Bionic’s debut last year, while the more premium iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max received the superior 5-core GPU. The explanation for this was simple: Apple was compelled to pick up numerous A15 Bionic chip orders with one GPU core disabled due to a chip scarcity; otherwise, it would have had to pay extra to secure higher binned parts, raising the iPhone’s base price. Naturally, this decision was made to save money and ensure that plenty of iPhone 13 shipments was available at launch.

The iPad mini 6 features the same 5-core GPU, which explains why it performs well in the graphics department. Unfortunately, the identical tablet is running on an underclocked CPU for some reason, so we’re not sure if the iPad Air 5 will be set in the same way. Given its planned size, its surface area is more than enough to properly dissipate heat, allowing the performance cores to function at higher clock speeds, therefore limiting the processor frequency would be an odd option.

According to prior rumors, the iPad Air 5 would have Center Stage support in addition to an improved 12MP ultra wide-angle rear camera. When utilizing video programs like FaceTime, Center Stage allows users to adjust the front-facing camera, just like the iPad mini 6. Center Stage uses powerful machine learning to keep up with you or anyone else, putting you in the frame. When it comes to the hardware of the front-facing sensor, we expect to see the same unit that was used on the iPad mini 6 re-used on the iPad Air 5.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPad Air 5 could be released in April or March, with a low-cost iPhone. While there is no firm date for the debut, previous rumors suggest that the more cheap iPhone model would be called the iPhone SE+ 5G and will be unveiled in April or early May. Given that Apple has turned to press releases for its announcements, it could surprise us by introducing the iPad Air 5 and iPhone SE+ 5G on different days, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming months.

Even if Apple keeps the iPad Air 5’s colors of silver, space grey, rose gold, green, and sky blue, they aren’t nearly as crucial as the beginning price. We could see a $599 basic pricing for the Wi-Fi-only device, similar to the iPad Air 4, however this time you’ll be welcomed with a better chipset and 5G capability.

Apple may, on the other hand, proceed to raise the price by $50, knowing that these upgrades are what will persuade people to make a purchase. With stories of chip price hikes circulating, it will not be shocking to see the California-based behemoth follow suit, but we will keep our readers informed anyway.

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