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iOS 18: The Biggest Changes on the Horizon

Apple’s iOS 18 is slated for release this fall, promises a completely new experience based on the continued evolution of artificial intelligence and a reimagined Siri as well as refreshed design elements for your phone. As AI gains share in products such as ChatGPT,  Apple has been taking big strides to implement AI improvements to keep up with the changing technology.

iOS 18

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has claimed that it will be a major update, containing “major enhancements and, in some circumstances, entirely new designs.” Apple executives have said it is the most extensive update yet and that it is the most ambitious and beneficial.

Changes Coming in iOS 18

AI Features

While iOS 18 will include these initial steps, Apple spends more than $1 billion on AI research and infrastructure per year. This investment will allow iOS 18 to introduce AI through Apple Music playlists automatically and AI-assisted content creation in Pages and Keynote productivity applications. The near-future updates will have on-device AI, but Apple notes that partnerships with other companies can help accelerate the implementation of cloud-based options.

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Siri will evolve significantly with iOS 18, using large-language models to converse naturally and offer more tailored interactions. The Messages application will be more deeply integrated, hence becoming more useful to the general public. Moreover, there may be more connections with the Shortcuts application, providing users with more automation and customization options.

Design Changes

In addition to those specific features, iOS 18 is likely to feature subtle design changes that will improve the platform without a complete redesign. For instance, the new OS may incorporate tweaks from visionOS that will give it a fresher and more unified appearance.

image 16 49 jpg iOS 18: The Biggest Changes on the Horizon

Home Screen Revamp

iOS 18 will have a revamped Home Screen that will allow users to space their apps with blank slots, rows, and columns. It will be the most significant overhaul of the Home Screen since the Lock Screen changes, introduced in iOS 10, and the Control Center, introduced in iOS 7.

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Additional Enhancements

Apple Maps, Safari, and the Notes app will be enhanced, including custom routes, topographic maps, a browsing assistant, voice clip recording, and support for mathematical notations.

image 16 50 jpg iOS 18: The Biggest Changes on the Horizon

RCS Adoption and AirPods Pro 2 Features

The adoption of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard and the introduction of a “hearing aid mode” for AirPods Pro are anticipated highlights, enhancing cross-platform messaging and accessibility features, respectively.


  1. What’s new in iOS 18?

    iOS 18 introduces major changes like AI enhancements, Siri improvements, and design updates to enhance the iPhone user experience.

  2. How will AI enhancements in iOS 18 impact user experience?

    AI enhancements in iOS 18 aim to improve various built-in apps, offering features like auto-generated playlists in Apple Music and AI-assisted content creation in productivity apps like Pages and Keynote.


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