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Inworld AI At GDC 2024 With Xbox And Ubisoft: What’s Going To Happen

It seems like Inworld AI at GDC 2024 is in full swing, and its pavilion is attracting mentionworthy attention. Recently, GDC 2024 has been happening at San Francisco’s convention of game developers and makers.

And in this huge pavilion where there are game developers from around the world, one exhibition is standing apart. This is Inworld AI at GDC 2024, which is gaining a lot of popularity in the exhibition.

I’m curious to know what’s happening with Inworld AI at GDC 2024 and how it can be significant news for the future. Well, then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to discuss that. So, without any further delays, let’s jump to our article.

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Inworld AI At GDC 2024

What we are hearing about the Inworld AI at GDC 2024 is that it is going in full swing and with new announcements. Previously, it was the Covert Protocol demo that was made in partnership with NVIDIA and the Avatar Cloud Engine platform.

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And now Inworld AI at GDC 2024 is once again gaining traction with its new announcement. One of them is the NEO NPCs, presented by Ubisoft with the first prototype for generative AI and character and gameplay powered by this. Various important personnel presented at the event have shared their views on the Inworld AI at GDC 2024.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 22 at 10.14.54 Inworld AI At GDC 2024 With Xbox And Ubisoft: What’s Going To Happen

Narrative Director Virginie Mosser has said about the project,

“My creative work has become much deeper since I get to work on their (NEO NPCs) psychology. I have to give them a soul, and I do so with a certain finesse that we have never before allocated to NPC creation. As a writer, seeing my characters come to life and actually converse with me for the first time has been one of the most fulfilling and touching moments of my career.”

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Also, Director and Producer of the project, Xavier Manzanares, added,

“It could be the start of a fantastic paradigm shift. For the first time, the game world actually listens to and dynamically responds to the players. Social interactions and skills become part of the gameplay. Smarter NPCS like our NEO NPCs have the potential to become a breakthrough addition to the traditional NPCs we see in games today. They provide the ability to create even more immersive worlds and emergent stories.”

In addition, Senior Vice President of Production Technology at Ubisoft, Guillemette Picard, stated,

“Generative AI brings unprecedented creative opportunities for our teams and players. It is when they find the value it has for them that we start to see its true potential to transform the way games are made and played.”


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