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Intel’s Xe-HPG GPUs is the company’s answer to GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, or Amazon Luna

Last week, Intel’s Raja Koduri announced on Twitter that the company intends to discontinue the focus on Intel Xe-HP and implement that technology to the newer Intel Xe-HPG GPUs, which is a newer and more focused ecosystem that the company has dedicated its five-year plan of growth for developments in AI, gaming and visual cloud-based technology, and higher optimization and performance.

Originally announced back in the middle of 2020, Intel’s Xe-HP GPU was advertised as a “multi-tile graphics series designed for data centres, with the main purpose as media super-computer accelerators.”

Raja Koduri, further explaining the company’s intent in putting a stop to the commercialization of the series stated that the Xe-HP GPU would help develop the “ecosystem for Ponte Vecchio’s architecture.”

As we know, Intel was one of the largest hardware providers for the last World Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan and the company’s Xeon servers were primarily used to help stream an unbelievable 8K 60fps HDR video which was transferred and implemented directly to the cloud to televisions everywhere.

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Raja Koduri has also discussed that Intel Xe-HPG is planned to support high-end applications such as 3DS Max and the company is planning on extending their Xe-HPG to the high-end workstation sections.

GPU FamilyIntel Xe-LP (1st Gen)Intel Xe-HPG (1st Gen)Intel Xe-HP (1st Gen)Intel Xe-HP (2nd Gen)Intel Xe-HPC (1st Gen)
GPU SegmentEntry-Level (Integrated + Discrete)Mainstream / High-End Gaming (Discrete)Datacenter & WorkstationDatacenter & WorkstationHigh-Performance Computing
GPU GenGen 12Gen 12Gen 12Gen 13Gen 12
Process NodeIntel 7TSMC 6nmIntel 7TBAIntel 7 (Base Tile)
TSMC 5nm (Compute Tile)
TSMC 7nm (Xe Link Tile)
GPU ProductsTiger Lake
DG1/SG1 Cards
ARC Alchemist GPUsArctic SoundJupiter SoundPonte Vecchio
Specs / Design96 EUs / 1 Tile /1 GPU512 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU2048 EUs / 4 Tiles Per GPUTBA8192 EUs / 16 Tiles per GPU


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