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Intel’s new graphics driver brings up to 80% improvement in DX9 games

The Blue team has already launched its Arc GPUs into the market and while their focus has mainly remained on DX12 games, the highly popular DX9 and DX10 games haven’t performed well with these graphics cards. However, things have taken a u-turn with the release of the latest Arc driver which focusses on optimizing DX9 games.

616C3KHTSCL. AC SL1280 Intel's new graphics driver brings up to 80% improvement in DX9 games

This has led to a huge bump in performance in these DX9 games like CS:GO, League of Legends and more. As per the data from Intel, the average FPS in these old DX9 based games have increased by 80%, and the frame rate of 99% has increased by up to 100%.

As you see in the official performance improvement numbers, the max change we got to see with Arc driver is in CS:GO where you see before we used to get only 177FPS at FHD, now with new drivers that has increased up to 318FPS.

Intel's new graphics driver brings up to 80% improvement in DX9 games

This is as much as 80% performance improvement whereas more or less in every other game like Payday, League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 we see great numbers even with this A770 graphics card. So, anyone who was sceptical buying a new Intel Arc GPU should not be afraid anymore because it looks like Intel is keeping on improving its GPUs with time.

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