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Intel’s Core i9 12900HK beats Apple’s M1 Max in latest leaked benchmark

According to fresh sources, something is interesting which has appeared online and it is the first-ever benchmarks for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake mobility processors which will be going head to head against Apple’s M1 Max processors. Apple’s processor has been chipping away at the market share of Intel and AMD’s upcoming mobility chips which we will see soon.

The Apple M1 Max is a fantastic chip and is going to push both AMD and Intel to their utmost limit in terms of performance. It’s an entirely different matter that the x86 architecture will never beat ARM on power efficiency, but in terms of absolute power, that is an entirely different matter altogether.

In the Geekbench platform, Apple has reigned supreme and it’s because the benchmarking platform relies heavily on algorithmic optimizations but it was still pretty awe-inspiring to see the Apple M1 Max score decimate everything x86 in-sight. The chip even wiped the floor with Intel’s flagship desktop chip: the Intel Core i9 11900K.

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Intel Alder Lake 12900HK Benchmark Intel’s Core i9 12900HK beats Apple’s M1 Max in latest leaked benchmark
via Wccftech

As we already know, Intel has been quite weak on the 14nm process and has only recently recovered from this mishap and due to this the chips from AMD and Apple have had a distinct node advantage.

In the latest Geekbench testings, Alder Lake’s powerful p-cores effortlessly take the performance crown in the single-threaded benchmark with a score of 1851. Apple’s 5 nm-based M1 Max chip scores 1785 in single-threaded performance and Intel’s Core i9 11980HK is slightly followed behind with a score of 1616 and AMD’s best mobility chip clocks in at 1506. This means Intel has improved the single-threaded performance by 14.5% generation over generation.

Almost all of us expected Intel to win on the single-threaded front because of high clock rates and some serious architectural improvements but what is surprising is that the chip from intel beats the Apple M1 Max on the multi-threaded front as well. The Alder Lake Core i9 12900HK mobility processor gets an astounding 13256 score whereas Apple’s offering only scored 12753 points.

These benchmarks are quite surprising however, we will find out as to whether intel could reign supreme over Apple only after Alder Lake makes its debut.



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