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Intel’s Core i5-12600K outperforms high-end players such as the Core i9-11900K and Ryzen 7 5800X

Intel’s Alder Lake lineup is set to be launched next month and the hype is real as this new family from the chipmaker is set to change the game in the CPU market. Alder Lake offers powerful flagship however, it seems that the most awaited variant is the Core i5-12600K which is a hybrid CPU based on Intel 7 process node and features 6 Golden Cove (Performance/Big) cores and 4 Gracemont (Efficient/Atom/Small) cores.

This brings the total core count to 10 cores however only the big cores support hyperthreading, Core i5-12600K offers 16 threads (6*2+4).

According to sources, the Core i5-12600K features 2.8 and 3.7 GHz base clocks and up to 3.6 and 4.9 GHz boost clocks and comes with up to 1-2 Efficient and Performance cores, respectively. The primary frequency reported by CPU-Z software is from the Performance cores, which appear to be between 4.5 GHz to 4.7 GHz.

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The processor scored 760 to 773 points in the single-thread test and 7156 to 7220 points in the multi-thread workload. These are amazing results and the numbers easily surpass many powerhouses such as the Core i9-11900Kor Ryzen 7 5800X.

CPU-Z Performance
techno sportsConfigurationSingle-ThreadMulti-Thread
Intel Alder Lake (Intel 7, Golden Cove/Gracemont)
Core i9-12900K  16C (8+8)/24T  827  11456
Core i7-12700K  12C (8+4)/20T  800  9423
Core i5-12600K #1  10C (6+4)/16T  773  7220
Core i5-12600K #2  10C (6+4)/16T  760  7156
Intel Rocket Lake (14nm, Cypress Cove)
Core i9-11900K  8C/16T  682  6458
Core i7-11700K  8C/16T  645  6261
Core i5-11600K  6C/12T  633  4731
AMD Vermeer (7nm, Zen3)
Ryzen 9 5950X  16C/32T  647  11856
Ryzen 9 5900X  12C/24T  648  9544
Ryzen 7 5800X  8C/16T  640  6560
Ryzen 5 5600X  6C/12T  624  4811
Intel 12th Gen Core Series (Alder Lake-S)
TechnosportsCores / ThreadsCore TypeBase ClockAll-Core BoostMax BoostTDP
i9-12900K(F)  8C+8c/24TP-Core (Big)  3.2 GHz  4.9 GHz  5.3 GHz  125W
E-Core (Small)  2.4 GHz  3.7 GHz  3.9 GHz
i7-12700K(F)  8C+4c/20TP-Core (Big)  3.6 GHz  4.7 GHz  5.0 GHz  125W
E-Core (Small)  2.7 GHz  3.6 GHz  3.8 GHz
i5-12600K(F)  6C+4c/16TP-Core (Big)  3.7 GHz  4.5 GHz  4.9 GHz  125W
E-Core (Small)  2.8 GHz  3.4 GHz  3.6 GHz



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