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Intel provides updates on its upcoming Next-Gen Chips

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, highlighted some key developments on their future client and data centre chips on the company’s most recent earnings call. The 14th Gen Meteor Lake series for PCs and laptops is the first product that Intel’s CEO emphasised. The next-generation client CPU, which is based on the Intel 4 process node, is nearing high-volume production, with the first production step anticipated to be taped off in Q4 2022.

The server-focused Granite Rapids Xeon range, which will use the “3” process node, is the second important product, and the first stepping has already left the Fab. The deployment of EUV on Intel’s 4 and 3 process nodes will result in significant improvements in transistor performance per watt and density. In 2023, Intel anticipates a ramp-up in Meteor Lake CPU production.

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Additionally, Intel claims that work is proceeding well on the upcoming 20A and 18A process nodes, which will take advantage of the most recent RibbonFET and PowerVia technology. The first internal test chips have already been produced, and a significant “possible” client has taped its next-generation product using the method. By 2025, Intel is anticipated to regain its leadership in transistor performance and power performance with the 20A & 18A process nodes.

NVIDIA has joined the RAMP-C initiative and has been welcomed by Intel’s Foundry Services, or IFS.


This could be one of the first steps toward making Intel’s recent declaration that they would be happy to have AMD and NVIDIA chips built at their foundries a reality.

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Pat says that Emerald Rapids is on pace to ship in 2023 and will be offered alongside Sapphire Rapids chips on the same platform, allowing users to choose from a varied portfolio of scalable processor SKUs. He is explicitly referring to the next generation of data centres and server solutions. Granite Rapids, which is slated to launch in 2024, is operational and running on a variety of operating systems. Sierra Forest, the all-E-Core design that would give exceptional performance per watt and is similarly on schedule for a 2024 debut, is also discussed.

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