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Intel Raptor Lake Desktop CPUs will have Mix SKUs from Raptor and Alder Lake

According to marketing slides that were leaked yesterday, Intel’s 13th Gen CPU portfolio will include SKUs that are based on both Raptor Lake and Alder Lake. The rumours that some 13th Gen desktop CPUs will use the same die as Intel’s Alder Lake chips starting in 2021 are confirmed by the leaked material.

According to different theories, Intel would divide the CPU lineup into three die sets: B0, C0, and H1 as a result of the leaked information about its Raptor Lake-S desktop CPU range. While the second and third series stated are based on Intel’s 12th generation Core Alder Lake silicon, the first is based on the new Raptor Lake CPU dies.

The new architecture upgrades for its 13th Gen lineup are confirmed in the stolen slides, and certain capabilities, such enhanced cache levels, are only accessible on Core i5 K-series CPUs and upwards. Accordingly, it appears that all CPUs below the Core i5-13600K will not benefit from the cache upgrade, underscoring the fact that only a select few SKUs or the most expensive parts are actually based on Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake hardware, while the majority are based on Alder Lake silicon.

Raptor Lake
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Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Desktop CPUs Expected Features:

  • Up To 24 Cores & 32 Threads
  • Brand New Raptor Cove CPU Cores (Higher P-Core IPC)
  • Based on 10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’ process node
  • Up To 6.0 GHz clock speeds (expected)
  • Double The E-Cores on certain variants
  • Increased Cache for both P-Cores & E-Cores
  • Supported on existing LGA 1700 motherboards
  • New Z790, H770, and B760 motherboards
  • Up To 28 PCIe Lanes (PCH Gen 4 + Gen 3)
  • Up To 28 PCIe Lanes (CPU Gen 5 x16 + Gen 4 x12)
  • Dual-Channel DDR5-5600 Memory Support
  • 20 PCIe Gen 5 Lanes
  • Enhanced Overclocking Features
  • 125W PL1 TDP (Flagship SKUs)
  • AI PCIe M.2 Technology
  • Q4 2022 Launch (October Possibly)

The Alder Lake silicon is expected to be used in three Intel 13th Gen Core i5 and one Core i3 SKU, while Raptor Lake silicon will be used in the remaining SKUs. The Core i5-13600, Core i5-13500, Core i5-13400, and Core i3-13100 are the four SKUs in question. The H0 die is used in the 13100 while the C0 die is used in the others.

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Additionally, a small number of Gracemont cores with an L2 cache of 2MB rather than 4MB will be available. Now, this can be done to maintain competitive pricing in the entry-level market, but it is important to gauge how customers will react to this shift. Over the coming months, Intel and AMD will introduce their next-generation CPUs and GPUs, ushering in a number of new technologies that will tout improved efficiency and more power.

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