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Intel Raptor Lake Core i5-13400 offers the same performance as Core i5-12600K but at less cost

Raptor Lake non-K processors from Intel will not be available until 2023. However, Nguyen Cong Computer (via momo mo us) in Vietnam already has some in stock, including the Core i5-13400F and Core i5-13400. The merchant tested the two aforementioned 65W CPUs, and keep in mind that these are retail products, thus the results reflect the processors’ ultimate performance.

The Core i5-13400 is a 10-core, 16-thread processor having six P-cores and four E-cores. The recipe will seem familiar because it is based on Intel’s previous-generation Core i5-12600K Alder Lake component, which is one of the greatest CPUs. The reason for this is that some Raptor Lake processors from Intel will employ rewarmed Alder Lake C0 or H0 dies. This method enables Intel to recycle unused Alder Lake hardware and bring E-cores down to the latest Core i5 non-K SKUs, which previously lacked E-cores on Alder Lake.

The bad news is that these processors will be equipped with Golden Cove cores rather than the newer Raptor Cove cores. We haven’t been able to identify which Raptor Lake non-K processors use Alder Lake silicon, but the Intel Core i5-13400 is almost certainly one of them.

The L2 cache (9.5MB) and L3 cache (20MB) remain unchanged from the Intel Core i5-12600K. The Core i5-13400 features a 4.1 GHz P-core base clock and a 3.3 GHz E-core boost clock. 

As a result, the Raptor Lake chip has an 11% faster P-core base clock and an 18% faster E-core base clock than the Core i5-12600K. Naturally, the Core i5-13400 has a lower boost clock than the Core i5-12600K because the former is a 65W chip and the latter is a 125W-class part. Nonetheless, the Core i5-13400 has a boost clock speed of 4.6 GHz, which is not bad for a 65W processor.

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The Core i5-13400F has the same characteristics as the Core i5-13400 but not the same degree of performance. The sole distinction is that the Core i5-13400F does not include the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 730 engine. As a result, the Core i5-13400F is marginally less expensive than the Core i5-13400.

In Cinebench R23’s single-core test, the Core i5-12600K scored 12% higher than the Core i5-13400 and 6% higher in the multi-core test. Furthermore, in Blender with the BMW27 scenario, the Alder Lake chip was 5% faster than the Raptor Lake chip. However, the advantage of the Core i5-12600K over the Core i5-13400 was not significant in other real-world workloads.

Overall, the Core i5-12600K outperformed the Core i5-13400 in most benchmarks, except the single-core test in Cinebench R23, where the Alder Lake chip outperformed by 12%. Nonetheless, considering that it is a 65W processor racing against a 125W processor, the Core i5-13400’s performance was good. The 65W number represents the Processor Base Power (PBP). Nguyen Cong Computer(opens in new tab) stated that the Core i5-13400 drew up to 140W, but that more optimized firmware will likely lower power usage. The Core i5-12600K has a Maximum Turbo Power (MTP) rating of 150W.

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Even though Nguyen Cong Computer has featured the Core i5-13400 and Core i5-13400F in its online shop, the retailer has not disclosed the price. Momomo us(opens in new tab), a hardware investigator, discovered both chips at PC Canada. The Core i5-13400 costs $239.37 (328.99 CAD(opens in new tab)), whereas the Core i5-13400F costs $212.44 (291.99 CAD(opens in new tab)). Because computer hardware is more expensive in Canada, the actual prices for the Core i5-13400 and Core i5-13400F will most likely be lower in the United States.

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