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Intel Core i5-13400F Raptor Lake CPU appears for $216 at a US Retail shop listing

ShopBLT, a US store, has advertised Intel’s Core i5-13400F, which is expected to become a popular budget CPU, for a tentative price of $216 US. The Intel Core i5-13400 will be available in both normal and ‘F’ variants, the latter of which lacks integrated graphics. The Core i5-13400F will be the best value for gamers, but if these early numbers are to be trusted, we may see a little price increase compared to last-gen.

The Intel Core i5-13400 CPU has six P-cores and four E-cores, for a total of ten cores and sixteen threads. The basic clock speed of the CPU is 2.5 GHz, with a boost clock speed of 4.1 GHz across all cores and 4.6 GHz on a single core. The CPU has 28 MB of L3 cache and a PL1 TDP of 65W and a PL2 TDP of roughly 120W. Given its performance boost and roughly $200 US price, the CPU should be a big seller in the budget market, where Intel’s 12th Gen series already dominates.

The new Intel Gen Core i5-13400 CPU series is predicted to give significantly greater performance than the Core i5-12400 CPUs due to increased core count and clock speeds while consuming somewhat more power.

The Core i5-13400 is priced at $243.68 on ShopBLT, while the Core i5-13400F is priced at $216.16. Both older models are currently $170.23 and $196.81 more expensive than the previous generation. The next-generation Intel processor series is over 27% more expensive than the Alder Lake variants, although this makes sense given that the core count is predicted to be larger (from six cores to ten). According to Cinebench leaks last week, the new Raptor Lake chips are predicted to perform up to 30% quicker in multi-core circumstances than Alder Lake.

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It is expected that Intel will reveal the next 13th Generation Core processors at CES 2023, along with up to six more chip sets from the new series. All of the new CPUs will have the lowest base power consumption in the new Raptor Lake category, at 65W.

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The new B760 motherboards are also likely to be compatible with Intel’s upcoming 13th Generation “Raptor Lake” processors. This is wonderful news for Intel because those motherboards support not only the new DDR5, but also DDR4 memory, which AMD failed to support with their new Ryzen 7000 CPUs, which are also slated to debut at next year’s CES 2023, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 3 to January 6, 2023.

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