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Intel is open to the idea of Making AMD and NVIDIA chips at their fabs

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, spoke candidly about AMD and NVIDIA using their fabs to produce top-tier CPUs and GPUs in an interview with The Verge. Pat mentioned in the interview that at the opening of the Ohio Fab, he met with several CEOs of fabless firms, welcomed them, and even offered to place their brand next to the fab where their new goods were manufactured. In addition, Pat Gelsinger stated that he would be delighted to display the logos of their rivals (AMD & NVIDIA) at their manufacturing facilities.

We had a number of CEOs from fabless companies at the Ohio site, and I said, “That fab module right there, I want to put your logo on it, and I want to say it was made here.”

You’re going to put an AMD logo on the side of an Intel fab?

Hey, if they choose to manufacture with us, I will be thrilled to do that. It’s the right thing at that level. These are large investments, and they are important for technology — they spawn technical communities.

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Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, via The Verge

But Pat didn’t stop there; when discussing actual products to compete with NVIDIA and AMD, he asserted that his business will triumph in this market and produce the quickest high-performance PCs ever. The CEO of Chipzilla continued by claiming that his company would produce the world’s fastest CPUs, GPUs, and discrete GPUs. He singled out Meteor Lake to deliver on that promise, which is a pretty strong claim.

Intel’s newest factory, Fab 42, became fully operational in 2020 on the company’s Ocotillo campus in Chandler, Arizona. Fab 42 produces microprocessors using the company’s 10nm manufacturing processes. In March 2021, Intel announced a $20 billion investment to build out two new factories (or “fabs”) on the Ocotillo campus. The company expects to begin planning and construction activities this year. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The flip side of this is not just in Nvidia but AMD as well. It’s in the two major consoles and the Steam Deck — basically, it is in everything except the Switch. Ryzen chips per dollar seem to be offering more performance, and there is a lot of back and forth between Intel and AMD. Is that just a crown you can take? Or are you saying, “At the end of the day, we are going to do Foundry Services, get that Intel logo on the side of the fab in Ohio, and it’ll be fine”?

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Hey, we are here to win in this space. Make no mistake about it. We are going to build the fastest high-performance computers in the world, the fastest GPUs in the world, and the fastest discrete GPUs in the world. We will have continuity to our integrated graphics as well. With increasingly integrated graphics in a heterogeneous architecture where you have multiple chiplets, just wait until you see Meteor Lake next year. These become quite interesting products, somewhat as Apple has shown. I see that continuity, and we are going to be very competitive

Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, via The Verge

Pat adds that it’s not just AMD and NVIDIA; he wants to demonstrate to the world that Intel is equally capable of meeting their needs as a top-tier manufacturer with cutting-edge fabs at its disposal. It will take some time, but recently Intel’s Foundry Services was able to secure a cooperation with MediaTek and will be producing their edge-focused chips.

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