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Intel A780, A770, A570, A580, A380, A350, and A310 Arc Alchemist A-Series Gaming Graphics Cards confirmed

When Intel’s Arc Alchemist A-series desktop graphics cards for gaming PCs emerge by the end of Q2 2022, up to seven variants are expected. The Intel Arc Alchemist A-Series series has been the subject of numerous speculations and leaks in recent weeks. So far, we’ve heard about five varieties, plus the ‘Limited Edition’ model, which was the only one shown off by Intel, but according to the latest rumor, there are two more variants in the pipeline.

Intel is developing at least seven new models, according to a tweet by Komachi Ensaka, a well-known and reputable leaker. The flagship Arc A770 will incorporate the entire Arc ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and a 256-bit bus interface, as well as a 256-bit bus interface. The prior report said that the Arc A770 will have less memory, but it appears that this was an entirely other SKU, as the Arc A770 will come in 16 GB and 8 GB varieties. The fundamental specs will not change.

Intel ARC A750 and ARC A580 will be mid-tier models

These cards are slated to compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 series and will have 24 Xe-Cores (3072 ALUs) and 16 Xe-Cores (2048 ALUs, respectively. The Arc A750 is likely to come with 8 GB of 256-bit memory, but it could potentially come with 12 GB of 192-bit memory if it wants to compete with the 3060 series. The RAM of the Arc A580 is expected to be 8 GB.

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In terms of the entry-level lineup, the Arc A350 appears to be a new addition that will fit between the previously announced Arc A380 and Arc A310 desktop products. The variants are said to come with 8, 6, and 4 Xe-Core processors, with the top model sporting 6 GB GDDR6 (96-bit) memory and the other two models sporting 4 GB GDDR6 memory (64-bit). NVIDIA’s 3050 and AMD’s Navi 24 will be up against the entry-level range.

Finally, the Intel Arc A780 is the only model that has not yet been confirmed. We don’t know what this option adds to the already-promising A770 setup, but it might very well be the ‘Limited Edition’ model. The identical card has also been said to be part of Intel’s Arc 9 series, but it is now just a rumor. Intel is now refining its drivers for the new line, and if there are no further delays, they should be released later this month.

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