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Excellent list of Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls in 2024 (April 22)

Get a list of Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with millions of users sharing photos and videos every day. Selecting a username that is distinctive, easy to remember, and reflective of your personality or brand is a critical element in establishing an Instagram account.

download 85 Excellent list of Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls in 2024 (April 22)

What is Instagram Username? 

An Instagram username, also known as an Instagram handle, is a unique identifier that is used to represent an individual or business on the Instagram social media platform. It is a name that appears in the user’s profile URL and is also used to tag or mention the user in posts or comments. 

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A user must select a username that is not already in use by another user when they create an Instagram account. The username can contain letters, numbers, and underscores, but cannot contain spaces or special characters. It can be up to 30 characters in length and can be changed at any time. 

Instagram handles play a crucial role as they enable users to discover and connect with each other within the platform. When someone looks up a particular username, they can access the user’s profile and explore their posts, stories, and other shared content. Additionally, users can tag or mention other individuals in their own posts or comments using the “@” symbol followed by the respective username.

For businesses, an Instagram username is an important part of their branding strategy. It should be easy to remember and relevant to their brand identity. Many businesses choose to use their company name or a variation of it as their username. This helps to increase brand awareness and makes it easier for customers to find and follow them on the platform. 

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When choosing an Instagram username, it is important to consider the following factors: 

  1. Branding: Your username should be reflective of your personal or business brand. If you are a business, use your company name or a variation of it. 
  1. Simplicity: Choose a username that is easy to remember and easy to spell. Avoid using numbers, special characters, or obscure words that people may not be familiar with. 
  1. Relevance: If you have a specific niche or interest, consider incorporating keywords related to that niche into your username. This can help increase the likelihood of people finding and following your account. 
  1. Consistency: If you already have a strong online presence on other social media platforms or a website, consider using the same username across all platforms. This can help build brand consistency and make it easier for people to find and follow you. 
  1. Originality: Choose a username that is unique and memorable. Avoid copying other users’ usernames or using generic usernames that may already be taken. 

It is also important to note that usernames on Instagram are public and can be viewed by anyone, even if they are not following you. Therefore, it is important to choose a username that you are comfortable with others seeing and associating with your profile. 

ins2 Excellent list of Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls in 2024 (April 22)

Get more than 200 trendy Instagram usernames for Boys and Girls: 

Trendy Instagram Username for Boys Trendy Instagram Username for Girls 
Programmer Boy Chocolaty Queen 
Sawgyboy Tigger fresh 
Ghost rider Twilight Queenbee 
Bruce banner Bikewithgirl 
Inspire You Make girls 
Thinkbig Lovecapri 
Lucky Point Hot Babe 
Mankind Peace Hug 
MachoManiac Lil Cutie 
Texas Tiger Kara 
Gamez Slayer Tiger Kitty 
Demon Slayer Missie Lucky 
Light Yagami The chill pixel 
Cyberwarrior Girlyapa 
Skullcrusher Shining Starlight 
Fight God Trustmeimalair 
Sparky God StarryEyes 
Bad captain Pretty Angel 
Dead deal Fab Girl 
Deal Anneal Pink Princess 
Tonight Gamer Strawberry 
Dead Guru Blueberry 
Lucky Lad Dilo ki Rani 
Will of Washington Pretty girl 
Mouth of Mexico Baby Love 
Creepy Camp Unicorn Girl 
Caption Master Bunny Angel 
Daily Punch Dance and Sing 
Cool Samurai Girl True 
Dead Ultra Techie Luve 
Captain America Pink Feathers 
Ninjastic Ninja Cupcake hugs 
Devil Ultra Vanilla Flower Love 
American Ape Garden Heart 
Extra Loud Marsala Magic 
Ninja Nun Tweed Love 
Bald Saloon Magic Lily 
Day Owl Dark Princess 
Imported Sense Pretty Eyes 
Pick a Stick Bossy Queen 
Balloon Face Twinkle Light 
Gym Freak Zoom Fire 
Hell Devil Rose Catcher 
Smart Champ Red Ocean 
Mystery Man Princess Land 
Star-Lord Tweety Sweetie 
Insta Master The Sassy Babe 
Doctor Strange Zoom Fire 
Captain Mighty Summer Glows 
attitude boy angel_and_glitch 
awesome_me angelic_princess 
berojgarr_engineer babykins 
big_bites beauty_babe 
compact_racer boring_nose 
creepy_camp candycane_missy 
deal_cereal caressmil2001 
drugmylife classy_girl 
fake_guy cool_strawberry 
famous_guy crazy_kupkakes 
gamer_slayer cupid_of_hearts 
ghost_rider dark_lady 
hitch_hiker dark_princess 
hunk enchantedwas 
legal_heartbreaker famous_cat_planet 
macho_moron haggy_pie 
lowercase_guy honey_blossom_dimples 
macho_moron honeycomb 
ninjasinpyjamas hot_userame_here 
potato_lover jelly_cuddles 
professer_x kitty_bloom 
singletomorrow lil_cutie 
windy_orbits love_pink 
yellow_menace missie_lucky 
unused_guy omg_girl_dance 
london_lions peppermint_candy 
Chin Chillin alohanic64 
Colonial Cousins chiaroscuro 
Dare to face cool_dora 
King elf cupcake_hugs 
Alien Brain dandy 
Not James Bond darling 
bab_pure_purpose fairy_hot 
beacon_boss fancy_doll 
billy_hills gelbmannhearty 
couldnt_find_good_name gorgeous_sweetie 
crazy_anyone honey_blossom_dimples 
dead_guru hot_cupid 
dr_cocktail huggable_bab 
Geekstar internet_monster 
Hearthacker jelly_cuddles 
Instaman lady_in_pink 
little_cobra lime_green_soda 
mad_boxer lovecapri 
Metalhead lovely_poison 
Natureboy nectarwas 
Pooldude omg_girl_dance 
Professer_x pretty_pumpkin 
Swag_grant rainbow_colours 
Technishien secret_fruity 
Thornylife squiggly_munchkin 
Bean_Basket Krazy_Girl 
Awesome_Dreamer Waiting_you 
PUBGNoober Cute_Eyes 
PUBGLover Lovely_Dove 
Dream_Peace Smilee_Doll 
Soul_Hacker Yeah_Me 
Chocolate_Boy Kitty_Cute 
Innocent_Boy Cute_Pixel 
King_Of_Insta Sweet_kristy 
Heart_Hacker Sleepy_World 
Unique_guy White_Energy 
Cool_Dude Twinkle_Night 
Cute_Kameena Tweety_Sweetie 
Desi_Munda Pink_Garden 
Loffer_Boy Tiny_Heart 
Mr_Devil Love_Graphic 
Swagger_boy Oops_Lady 
Loyal_guy Open_Heart 
Army_Man Dream girl 
Big_bites Moon_Up 
London_lions Melody 
mylifeline21 Readyfourfun 
SecretAgent Silly_Pie 
StudMonkeyBikers Naughty_Gamer 
BigBoyBikers Love_Insta 
supermagnificentextreme fairy_princess_kristy 
ragulykrackr woman_perfect_harmony 
pig_benis pie_sweetness 
fifty_shades_of_love cupid_of_hearts 
floating_heart pink_female 
foxer cute_sugar 
foxface pink_garden 
freak_bad cuteness 
freak_treat pink_lover 
freaky_fred_creep cutesy 
frenky_dude pink_page 
frozen woman_perfect_harmony 
funky_dude Missie Lucky 
funky_money Thechillpixel 
gamer_simmer Dilo Ki Rani 
gamer_slayer Girlyapa 
gamer_tales Butterfly Girl 
gamie Pretty Lil Princess 
geekstar Bunny Angel 
geez Dance And Sing 
genius_general Girl True 
gentleman She Is Resilient 
hello_hell Techie Luxe 
incident_story Classy Claire 
loose_ex_comfy_baby Fashion Princess 
lovely_lads little_miss_piggy 

How to Update Username on Instagram 

  1. Changing your username on Instagram is a quick and easy process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your username on Instagram: 
  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in to your account. 
  1. Once you are logged in, go to your profile by tapping on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  1. On your profile page, tap on the “Edit Profile” button located just below your profile picture. 
  1. On the “Edit Profile” page, you will see several fields that you can edit, including your name, bio, website, and username. 
  1. To change your username, tap on the username field and type in your new desired username. You can use letters, numbers, and underscores, but you cannot use spaces or special characters. 
  1. Once you have entered your new username, Instagram will check to see if it is available. If it is not available, you will need to choose a different username. 
  1. If your new username is available, tap on the “Done” button in the top right corner of the screen to save your changes. 
  1. After you have saved your new username, it will immediately be updated on your profile and in your profile URL. 
ins4 Excellent list of Instagram Usernames for Boys and Girls in 2024 (April 22)

Tips for Choosing an Instagram Username: 

  • Keep it short and simple: Choose a username that is easy to remember and easy to type. 
  • Be creative: Use your imagination and come up with a unique username that reflects your personality or brand. 
  • Use keywords: Incorporate keywords that relate to your interests or niche to make your account more discoverable. 
  • Avoid numbers and special characters: Try to avoid using numbers and special characters in your username as it can make it harder to remember. 
  • Consider your brand: If you’re using Instagram for business purposes, make sure your username aligns with your brand identity. 
  • Iconic: Your Instagram username needs to have something different. Keep it neat. 

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  1. Will we get new Instagram updates?


  2. <strong>Can Instagram usernames include emojis?</strong>

    Yes, Instagram usernames can include emojis. However, users should use them sparingly and ensure they are relevant to their brand or identity.

  3. <strong>Where can I find inspiration for Instagram usernames for boys and girls?</strong>

    You can find inspiration for Instagram usernames for boys and girls by brainstorming ideas based on names, interests, hobbies, favorite quotes, personality traits, or using online username generators and brainstorming tools.

  4. <strong>Can I use the same Instagram username for both my personal and business accounts?</strong>

    Yes, you can use the same Instagram username for multiple accounts if you wish. However, consider whether the username aligns with the branding and goals of both accounts and whether it’s appropriate for each audience.

  5. <strong>What are some tips for creating a memorable Instagram username?</strong>

    To create a memorable Instagram username, consider using alliteration, puns, wordplay, or incorporating your interests or niche. Keep it short, easy to spell, and avoid using numbers or obscure acronyms.

  6. <strong>What are some examples of Instagram usernames for boys?</strong>

    Examples of Instagram usernames for boys include: @AdventureJunkie, @TechGeek2023, @FitnessFreakSam, @GamerProMax, @TravelExplorerAlex, @MusicManiacChris, @FoodieDudeLeo, @ArtisticAndy, @FashionForwardEthan, and @SportsFanaticJake.

  7. <strong>Are there any guidelines or restrictions for Instagram usernames?</strong>

    Yes, Instagram has guidelines and restrictions for usernames, including length limitations (up to 30 characters), prohibitions against impersonation, trademark infringement, offensive language, and excessive use of symbols or numbers.

  8. <strong>What are some cool Instagram usernames for girls?</strong>

    Play with alliterations, favorite items, or meaningful locations. Examples: “GlamGreta”, “BellaBoho”, or “WanderlustWendy”.


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