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If you are in the US, you should probably buy a GPU before 2023 arrives

In search of a new GPU and if you reside in the US, you might have to buy one before the end of this year itself. Why? It is because it’s been widely reported that the exclusion of import tariffs imposed on GPUs imported from China might be lifted as soon as the end of this year i.e. December 31st 2022.

So far, the US government has been quiet on this whether this tariff, which was originally said to be 25% of all GPUs, laptops and other electronic components imported from China under the Trump administration, it remains to be seen if the clause will be exempted by the Biden government or imposed effectively next year.

If you are in the US, you should probably buy a GPU before 2023 arrives
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As per Tom’s Hardware: “Two sources told me AMD Radeon, Intel Graphics, and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards are going to be subject to new import tariffs in January,” hardware industry veteran Kyle Bennett of HardOCP fame wrote in a Twitter post. “Anyone smarter than me (that is not saying much) know how to look that up and get some linkage? If so, December might be a better time to buy.”


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Not only GPUs but also “printed circuit assemblies, constituting unfinished logic boards,” all could fall under the 25% tax bracket if imported from China. Though not all of the GPUs are Made in China a majority of them are still and there’s a huge inventory of them in the Hong Kong province which is why OEMs could potentially exchange the inventory countries to get away from this heavy import duty.

We don’t know if the Office of the United States Trade Representative may renew the exclusion or grant exclusion on the highly-priced GPUs these days, however, if you are a gamer residing in the US you would probably go for a new GPU by this December 2022 to avoid another 25% price hike which might kill the GPU market in the US anytime soon.

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