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“I am Georgina”: The trailer focus on the gorgeous lady Georgina Rodriguez

Netflix has dropped the trailer of the show of mom,  businessman, model, and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, ‘I am Georgina’. This woman has 28 million followers on Instagram. Some time ago, Netflix just has confirmed that she just had been working on the reality show featuring influencers and now it has been declared with the new trailer with the premiere date of the show.

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo's pregnant partner, promotes her new  Netflix reality show. | Nokia News

We will be going to see Soy Georgina who has set to arrive on the streaming platform and also will show the most personal and also intimate side of Georgina Rodriguez The latest reality show has officially been presented at the last  FesTVal de Vitoria in which the representative of Netflix  Alvaro Diaz and mentioned that the program also has such aspirational point that also can hook the public since Georgina came from with nothing to have everything. It seems that Diaz also depicted Cristiano Ronaldo appearing on Soy Georgina.

Soy Georgina”: así será el reality de Georgina Rodríguez, la pareja de  Cristiano Ronaldo, en Netflix | CR7 | Cristiano | Soy Georgina | España |  Manchester United | SALTAR-INTRO | EL COMERCIO PERÚ

I am Georgina: Plot

In the trailer, we have seen Georgina as a most fashionable and glamorous lady. This latest Netflix reality show has been produced by Komodo Studio, I am Georgina, will reveal all aspects of her life, from the most public and famous part to the most personal.

It shows that they will live her day-to-day life, her motherhood, her relationship[ with Cristiano Ronaldo, his travels, his parties.. they will discover this true friendship, his wishes, and desires, his highs and lows. We will come to know about Georgina Rodriguez really is.

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I'm Georgina": Cristiano Ronaldo, will he really appear on Georgina  Rodríguez's reality show? - MAG. - Market Research Telecast

I am Georgina: The release date

This series has set to release on 27th January 2022.

Here is the trailer

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