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How to Pick a Betting Site: A Beginner’s Gambling Guide

Finding the right betting site will all come down to what is available on the market, and the goals and ambitions you have when it comes to gambling for yourself. Picking the right gambling platform can be difficult, considering there are plenty of options available out there for you, however, once you know what is right for you, picking the best options comes easy. Below we have listed some tips in helping you make the best choice for yourself when it comes to betting sites, use them as a guideline for each time you want to pick a site for yourself for your gambling future ahead!

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Decide what you are looking for

This is certainly the first step you need to think about. Online betting sites are constantly being updated due to the technology evolution, so you need to make sure you are aware of the features you would like to be a part of your journey. If it is live-streaming you are after, or in-play betting, list all the ideas that are important for your betting experience ahead. Often a decision is easily made when you do research of your own, and check out what other sites have to offer your budding betting experience.

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Make a list of deal-breakers

This is a very important step for you and your gambling experience ahead. Knowing what you are not willing to compromise for, when you sign-up to a bookmaker is important to consider, before you join a betting site. Being aware of features which are not compatible with your goals, will make the selection and elimination process of sites that much easier. So, make sure you are aware of them and write them down! Great examples of deal breakers could be that the betting site may not include your favourite sports like the NBA, NFL or the English premier League for example. There would be no point in joining up to a betting site that does not cater to your favourite sports, is there?

List your favourite candidates

After you have a good idea of your favourite betting site candidates, the next step would be to list all those and compare them to one another. Check up everything from the betting promotions to payment methods etc. available from each of the candidates. This will make it very easy for you to understand how the sites in question weigh up against one another.

Read up on their reviews 

Last but not least, you will want to read existing player reviews for each of the sites that interest you. Reading up on past user experiences can really make it clear to you what you can expect. For example, imagine the site you are considering has really bad customer service? A user review would certainly make that clear, and this could make your final choice that much easier between site options that you were sitting on the fence for.


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